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Alan Gary
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May 24, 2014

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Alan Gary, Actor/Writer, writes about the arts, pop culture, literature and mental and physical health. He's written for Barron's, Broadway World.com, Friends of the Library and more. Alan's adventures in performing have included TV commercials (Radio Shack, Dunkin Donuts, The Lottery), Radio Voice-Overs (Department Stores & more), Dancing (with Randy Jones from the Village People on FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS), TV series (all of the LAW and ORDERS), the Web (THE ONION) and Movies such as WAR OF THE WORLDS where he ran alongside Tom Cruise to escape laser-zapping aliens! He enjoys live Theater, where he appeared as Hortensio in TAMING OF THE SHREW off-Broadway and in Central Park, Staged Readings all around New York City, reading to kids, MCing coffeehouses in the tri-state area and singing for seniors in Nursing Homes. From a family of volunteers, he continues the tradition with teaching, charitable walkathons and much more. He holds a B.A. in Communications and Masters in English, both from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Alan is especially proud of his role as the Nightclub Singer in Paradise East, Directed by Nick Taylor, which has been accepted into the esteemed Cannes Film Festival. Plus, he loves to Limbo!

Links for folks with too much time on their hands or are incarcerated and not enough time on their hands:

Alan Gary Actor Reel (2 minutes) http://www.imdb.com/video/demo_reel/vi1328719385/

Alan Gary Actor Official Fan Page - Please Like, it don't cost nuthin'!

PS: As a professional songwriter, Alan Gary, as I refer to myself in the third person, has written for the Internationally syndicated Dr. Demento Radio Show.

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