14 SNL Musical Disasters

It's dreadful to watch the very worst SNL musical acts. We're taking a look at some of the poorest live performances ever seen on Saturday Night Live. To be honest, we're not referring to controversial or boring performances, nor are we speaking about musicians that have faded into obscurity over time. We're discussing performances that have been monumentally bad, even in the minute, and resulted in a lot of negative feedback subsequently. 

The very worst musical acts on Saturday Night Live are ranked by Cracked. Whichever live performance on Saturday Night Live do you feel was one of the worst? Let us know what you think in the notes!

Musical performances have a long history of mocking the live television gods on Saturday Night Live. Here are 14 instances musical guests on Saturday Night Live went off the rails and collected a lot of negative feedback from the audience along the way:


SINEAD O'CONNOR SEPTEMBER 29, 1990 CRAGKED COM O'Connor rehearsed a protest song with a photo of an orphan, then swapped it for Pope John Paul 1l. Fi



NIRVANA JANUARY 11, 1992 During good-nights, the members of Nirvana started making out to piss off the rednecks and homophobes. The French kissing i

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RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE ATURDAYNIGHTLIVE APRIL 13, 1996 CRACKED COM Profanity, an upside down flag, then flinging shreds of said flag into the dressi

Life and Times


SYSTEM OF A DOWN MAY 7, 2005 CRACKED.COM Is dropping an F-bomb still a thing? NBC received no complaints after the band slipped one past censors but s

Entertainment Weekly


THE REPLACEMENTS JANUARY 18, 1986 SATORDA They were literally Replacements (for the Pointer Sisters), performing drunk, on drugs, and out of tune. Bla

Far Out


MORGAN WALLEN DECEMBER 5, 2020 CRACKED COM Country bro Wallen was uninvited to SNL after a viral video showed him partying without a mask. And because



KANYE WEST SEPTEMBER 29, 2018 at Decked out in a MAGA hat, Kanye ended the season premiere with a pro-Trump rant that never made it to air. The ramble



FEAR OCTOBER 31, 1981 CRACKED.COM John Belushi not only convinced SNL to book his favorite band but to allow a mosh pit as well. A chaotic set led to

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ELVIS COSTELLO DECEMBER 17, 1977 Filling in for the Sex Pistols, Costello ditched his planned number and launched into 'Radio Radio' instead. Lorne Mi

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DAVID BOWIE JANUARY 5, 1980 Censors nixed a bland gay reference, but somehow didn't catch Bowie operating a giant puppet penis during his performance



ADRIEN BRODY MAY 10, 2003 If you're going to introduce Sean Paul in fake dreadlocks and an offensive Jamaican accent, you should probably let Lorne kn

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ASHLEE SIMPSON OCTOBER 23, 2004  feel sO bad my band started playing the wrong song and I had no excuse so I had to do a hoedown! (Actually, someone

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CYPRESS HILL OCTOBER 22, 1993 AFl Lorne banned Cypress Hill for life after DJ Muggs sparked up a spliff onstage. (Psst, Lorne, it's legal in NYC now.)

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ARIANNA GRANDE MARCH 12, 2016 Grande flubbed a line during her monologue and punctuated the goof with an unscripted Oh sh--! Or was that when she re