13 Times Human Error Had Gigantic Consequences

NASA lost a $125 million orbiter because they mixed up metric and Imperial measurements.
13 Times Human Error Had Gigantic Consequences

Ah, mistakes. We’ve all made them -- some of us much more frequently than others -- and sometimes they can be costly. But for some, they weren’t just costly -- they’ve resulted in catastrophic consequences, both financially and in terms of human life. From NASA’s $125 million mistake with the Mars Climate Orbiter, to the Patriot Missile miscalculation that resulted in 28 deaths, to the Crypto.com whoopsie of sending $10.5 million instead of $100 -- mistakes can have a huge impact.

This list looks at some of the most tiny, yet costly mistakes of all time. From miscalculations to programming errors, these mistakes have cost millions of dollars and, in some cases, lives. It’s kind of a reminder that even the most experienced and knowledgeable of us can make mistakes, and that, just like them, we should always strive to pray to the Lord that we don’t end up making mistakes.

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