15 Times Big Companies You Know Snuggled Up To Evil Regimes

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15 Times Big Companies You Know Snuggled Up To Evil Regimes

It's no secret that war and sanctions can be a huge challenge for businesses. But for some of the world's biggest companies, it seems that the old adage "business as usual" still holds true. Despite Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and the subsequent sanctions imposed by the West, these companies have found ways to keep doing business in the country -- not unlike companies active in Germany in the '30s.

From Volkswagen, who started in Nazi Germany to make a cheap car for Germans, to Hugo Boss, who supplied uniforms to the SA, SS, Hitler Youth, Motor Corps, and other Nazi groups, to IBM, who had their German branch bid for a Nazi census, to Adidas, who joined the Nazi party in 1933, to DuPont, who helped Nazi Germany start the war, to Ford, who was linked to Auschwitz, to Kodak, who had subsidiaries trading with Nazi Germany even after the US joined the war, this is all ... pretty unsavory stuff.

The 'dirty dozen' still thriving in Russia despite Putin's invasion and sanctions.

CRACKED THE DIRTY DOZEN (CORPORATIONS, NOT COWBOYS) Three FTSE 100 companies - HSBC, Unilever, and BP - are part of the dirty dozen still doing business in Russia, according to a new report. They've found ways to stay despite Putin's invasion, despite international sanctions. op WiLD BEAN CAFE 1970 Bleifrei Ultimate 2 120 98 Ultimate Diesel 2 16° 20 10 Diesel ultimate offen 24h

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Red Bull: The only energy drink left standing in Russia?

CRACKED RED BULL Red Bull announced on their website that they stopped all marketing activities and investments in Russia in March, in line with the EU and US sanctions. But their drinks are still on shelves in Russia, while Pepsi and Coca-Cola have pulled out. oz 12 FL OZ 12 0 0 Series Tourine WITH - / - - lights - Bul ed Bull Red Bull Red Bu Red Bul Red Bu RedB Red B Red DE DRINK ERGY DRIN ENERGY D NERGY DRI ENERGY DE ENERGY C ENERGY D RGY - mind body and mind body and عد body and or Polizes body and Citalizes

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Lacoste: Keeping it chic, even in a crisis, or something.

CRACKED LACOSTE The French clothing company is still doing business in Russia despite the war in Ukraine. They've stopped shipments, but are looking out for their 115 employees in Ukraine. TB esCF

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Armani's back in Russia.

CRACKED ARMANI Giorgio Armani decided to start selling their products in Russia again. Russia's Industry and Trade Ministry confirmed that Armani, and other brands, have returned to Russia.

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Maybe they were just trying to live up to their founder's principles.

CRACKED FORD Ford Motor Company was one of 500 firms linked to Auschwitz; it's not clear how much they were involved. Some of the companies used slave labor, others just asked about using Auschwitz inmates.

The Guardian / History 

DuPont: Helping Nazis.

CRACKED DUPONT In June 1941, during WWII, IG Farben opened a factory at Monowitz to make synthetic rubber for the military. Thousands of Jews were forced to work there, and DuPont gave IG Farben the tech to make it happen, helping Nazi Germany start the war.


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