12 Mythbusting Moments Necessary Because Of Celebrities

How many confirmed kills does Mr. "The Sweater Terror" Rogers have, exactly?
12 Mythbusting Moments Necessary Because Of Celebrities

Ah, Celebrities. Can’t live without them, can’t smack Chris Rock in the face at the 2022 Academy Awards if you’re not one. Celebrities are full of intrigue and mystery (and a whole lot of botox) but some rumors are more pervasive than others. Rumors like Walt Disney getting his dead ass frozen and stored beneath The Pirates of The Caribbean ride at Disneyland. Or, the rumor that Mister Rogers, y’know the guy with the sweaters and unconditional friendship, actually sniped the asses of one hundred and fifty people in The Vietnam War. Oooh what about the one about Richard Gere BLANK-ing Gerbils in his BLANK and then BLANKing them to BLANK. (sorry but we ain’t getting sued)

Rumors like these keep mere mortals like us entertained and intrigued by the world of celebrity- despite most of them not being true at all. That’s why we here at Cracked have taken it upon ourselves to bust some crazy myths surrounding some of the most non-having sex with gerbils celebrities the world has ever seen. 

Frozen 3: Let It Go Already

CRACKED RUMOR: WALT DISNEY CRYOGENICALLY FROZE HIS BODY so НЕ COULD BE UNFROZEN AT A LATER DATE. FACT: Walt Disney died of lung cancer at the age of 65 in 1966. His official death certificate states he was cremated. There is little evidence to suggest he knew much about cryogenic freezing to begin with.

Snopes / TCM 

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