15 Celebrities Who Can't Stop Making the Same Stupid Mistakes

Stupid is as stupid keeps doing
15 Celebrities Who Can't Stop Making the Same Stupid Mistakes

Ah, celebrities. They're just like us, except that they have more money, more fame, and more interesting stories to tell. From Harrison Ford's love of flying to Barbra Streisand cloning her pets, it's no wonder that celebrities often make headlines. But what happens when their hobbies and interests get them into trouble? In this list, we'll explore 15 celebrity stories that range from the bizarre to the downright scandalous. We'll look at how Harrison Ford's plane almost collided with another plane, Bam Margera's escape from rehab, and Jane Fonda's arrest for protesting climate change. We'll also explore Matthew Perry's gaming-related injury, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens' break-up over video gaming, Kanye West's antisemitic rant, Ezra Miller's Hawaiian rampage, Francis Ford Coppola's criticism of Marvel films, Terry Crews' views on Black Lives Matter, Kevin Spacey's Christmas video as Frank Underwood, Wesley Snipes' tax evasion, Toni Braxton's financial downfall, and Mila Kunis' addiction to World of Warcraft. So settle in, grab some popcorn, and get ready to explore the wild and wacky world of celebrity screwups.

33 cents per album: Toni Braxton's financial downfall in a nutshell.

GRACKED TONI BRAXTON - GOING BANKRUPT B R&B/H R& AWAR Toni Braxton stunned fans when she declared bankruptcy in '98, despite selling millions of albums and touring the world. Her lawyer said she only got 33 cents per album, so she couldn't make money from them. It was her second bankruptcy.

Cheat Sheet / Self  

Merry Christmas, from Frank Underwood... again.

GRACKED KEVIN SPACEY- CHANNELING A PSYCHOPATH ON CHRISTMAS (?!?) On Christmas Eve 2019, Kevin Spacey posted a weird video, like the year before, where he acted like his House of Cards character Frank Underwood, talking about the sexual assault allegations against him. A slightly mystifying choice.

Variety / NBC 

We're all in this... unequally.

GRACKED TERRY CREWS - DISSING BLACK LIVES MATTER Terry Crews has been slammed on social media for his views on Black Lives Matter, saying it could lead to Black supremacy if White people aren't included. Не tweeted that we're all in this together for equality.

Too Fab / NBC 

Chair-throwing and forehead-hitting: Ezra Miller's Hawaiian vacation.

GRACKED EZRA MILLER- RAMPAGING THROUGH HAWAII Ezra Miller was arrested in Hawaii in 2022 for assaulting a woman, reportedly throwing a chair and hitting her on the forehead. It had only been a month since he was arrested for causing a disturbance and harassing people in Hilo.

Variety / Fox 

Ye's Parler rant got him suspended...again.

GRACKED KANYE WEST- ANTISEMITISM, PERIOD THE WALL STREET W Kanye West, now Ye, got suspended from Instagram for 30 days and had his accounts on Instagram and Twitter disciplined. Не posted a screenshot of the Instagram notification on Parler and it turned out he had said something nasty about Jewish business people.

NBC / LA Times 

Zendaya: Healthy diet, unhealthy cravings?

GRACKED ZENDAYA- JUNK FOOD - mys NBC Zendaya's a vegetarian, but she still likes some junk food. She even found a Pizza Hut in Rio when she had a craving for Ramen. She eats the worst food you could imagine. She's a vegetarian, but all she eats is, like, Ramen noodles, says co-star Kadeem Hardison.

Essence / Lehren 

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