15 Awful Ways Companies Saved a Buck by Short-Changing Customers, Partners, and Employees

15 Awful Ways Companies Saved a Buck by Short-Changing Customers, Partners, and Employees

Ah, the beauty of modern-day capitalism! We have come so far, and yet, we still have so far to go. Companies these days are all about making money, no matter the cost. But what happens when companies cross the line, when they do something that is not only unethical, but also illegal? What happens when the companies we trust to provide us with quality products and services are found to be engaging in practices that are downright wrong? 

This list is a compilation of some of the most egregious examples of corporate wrong-doing in recent years. From PETA’s accusations of HelloFresh using monkey-picked coconuts from Thailand, to Idahoans demanding their large beer be, well, large, these stories will make you think twice about the companies you trust. 

These stories are a reminder that, while we can trust corporations to provide us with goods and services, we must always remain vigilant. We must be aware of the potential for abuse and exploitation, and speak out when we see it. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most outrageous corporate scandals of recent years.


Tesla: Cutting corners to go the extra mile.

CRACKED TESLA: SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED Tesla cut corners making electric cars for China and Germany, omitting parts without telling buyers, to hit their targets. SPORT

Spiegel / YT 

Olive Garden: When you want your pasta pre-mushed.

CRACKED OLIVE GARDEN DOESN'T RESPECT YOUR PALATE Olive Garden has stopped adding salt to the water they use to cook their pasta, which is really important for giving it the right flavor. As a result, their pasta isn't as good as the pasta from other places.

Slate / Courier Mail 

GSK’s ‘no warning’ policy backfired.

CRACKED GLAXOSMITHKLINE HID ASTRONOMICAL SUICIDE RISK GSK got sued for not warning consumers of increased suicide risk with generic Paxil; evidence showed risk could go up by 670%. +

Reuters / Fandom 

Bad beef, bad poultry, and even worse additives.

CRACKED BRAZIL'S MEAT-PACKING INDUSTRY FED PEOPLE CARDBOARD Brazil suspended 33 officials because some meat processors sold bad beef and poultry for years, using chemicals to hide it. They even mixed potato, water and cardboard with chicken to make more money.

BBC / Reddit 

SoftRAM 95: Double your crashes?

CRACKED WINDOWS 95: CHRONIC CRASHES Windows 95 was released with a number of software products tailored to run on it, one of which was SoftRAM 95, which claimed to double memory but ended up causing crashes due to data compression issues. FLUI

Microsoft / iStock 

Wal-Mart’s ‘safety’ plan: lock up the employees.

CRACKED WAL-MART: JANITOR PRISONS A lawsuit was filed against Wal-Mart, saying they locked their janitors in the stores while they were working. Wal-Mart defended themselves, saying it was to keep the employees safe and the stuff in the store safe.

Washington Post / CNN 

A single call makes all the difference?

CRACKED COMMINSURE: THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS FAKING IT Australia's Commlnsure rejected sick and dying life insurance policy holders' claims, including that of a 37-year-old who had leukemia and 12 months to live. After reporters contacted the bank, he got a settlement.

ABC / Know Your Meme 

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