15 Everyday Products That Started Out Way More Hardcore

15 Everyday Products That Started Out Way More Hardcore

If you have access to an electronic device on which to read these words, odds are pretty good that you’re entirely too safe. These days, we’ve got all kinds of government agencies and legislative bodies dedicated to making sure we don’t accidentally poison or maim ourselves through anything but our own stupidity. You’re comfortably cocooned within the nice, warm bubble of the nanny state.

That’s nice and all, but it can make you long for the days of the industrial wild west, when everything was made of sharp, rusty metal and you could buy Schedule II controlled substances at the local soda shop, or even antiquity, when we thought germs were ghosts. Sure, literally everyone from that time is dead now, but only some of them were killed by early versions of stuff you probably have in your home right now. What didn't kill our forefathers only made them stronger, and now they are unstoppable. 

Medicine or Kidnapping?

CRACKED SURGEONS WOULD LITERALLY CHLOROFORM YOU. The first surgeries performed under general anesthesia involved chloroform, which had to be dosed extremely precisely to not kill you, or ether, which had the added bonus of being extremely flammable. Chlorofor Calorid Chloroform ED & S by A ARED ARED SOL & O! RITTE by New BRO The - the NOT d THO! Slip, RITTER New Yes Slip,


The Alleles on the Bus

CRACKED SCHOOL BUSES USED SUPER TOXIC YELLOW PAINT. When school buses were first painted yellow, it was with a kind of chromium paint that caused genetic mutations and cancer, but don't worry. It was just kids! SCHOOL BUS STOP 54 SCHOOL DISTRICT 54

Gizmodo / AST 

Blow It Up Your Ass

CRACKED EARLY TOILETS EXPLODED. Before we figured out how to deal with the buildup of flammable gas that results from hiding our poop, our earliest forays into indoor plumbing resulted in tons of wounded butts and pride.


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