15 Weirdly Funny Moments In Otherwise Dead Serious Movies

“I know what people taste like. Babies taste the best!”
15 Weirdly Funny Moments In Otherwise Dead Serious Movies

The movie "A Few Good Men" is full of memorable quotes, and this is one of them. In the scene, Demi Moore's character is being called into her senior officer's office. The officer asks if she wants to go get a cup of coffee, and when she declines, he tells her to leave anyway so they can talk about her behind her back. This classic line from the film highlights the power dynamics at play between men and women in the military - even though times have changed since the film was released in 1992, there are still many instances where these kinds of things happen today.

Saving Private Ryan also has a funny story involving someone named James Ryan. At one point during their search for him, Captain Miller and his squad come across another private who starts crying and asking how his brothers died - oops! They soon realize they have the wrong guy before finally finding Private James Ryan safe and sound.

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