15 Stupendous Facts That Totally Twirled Our Mustaches

An op-ed from 1970 sparked a years-long panic that strangers would poison kids' Halloween candy.
15 Stupendous Facts That Totally Twirled Our Mustaches

We all know about the dangers of accepted candy from strangers on Halloween, but did you know that the poisoned candy scare is rooted in an op-ed from 1970? An article set off a chain reaction of panic that has lasted for years. In totally different news, it's not just toxic relationships with people we're related to that can be harmful -- almost a third of Americans have no contact with at least one family member. In a survey of over 1,300 people, they found that 27% of Americans have cut off contact with a family member. 10%, 8%, and 9% reported being estranged from a parent, child, or sibling respectively, while the rest were extended family. Last but certainly not least interesting -- when Wellington Burt died in 1919, he left behind a strange will: his "golden egg," worth up to $110 million, would remain in its nest (a trust fund) for 21 years after the death of his last surviving grandchild. 92 years later, in 2011, that time finally came!

Space World received criticism for animal abuse after displaying dead fish in their "Ice Aquarium" skating rink.

CRACKED AN AMUSEMENT PARK IN JAPAN SHOWCASED THOUSANDS OF DEAD FISH. Space World, in Kitakyushu, Japan, closed its Ice Aquarium skating rink after receiving criticism for displaying 5,000 dead fish in the ice. The fish had been arranged to form shapes and spell out, causing many to accuse the park of animal abuse.

via CBC


The screenwriters of 'Casino Royale' changed the game from baccarat to poker.

CRACKED THE ADAPTATION OF CASINO ROYALE CHANGED THE GAME FROM BACCARAT TO POKER. This worried director Martin Campbell, as the movie's centerpiece would be around a quiet poker table - but he managed to crack it.

MGM, Columbia Pictures


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