15 Kooky Facts That Really Double Stuffed Our Oreos

15 Kooky Facts That Really Double Stuffed Our Oreos

What is it about Nickelback that gets everyone all salty, exactly? As far as artists that have been exposed to be real pieces of trash, they haven't actually done anything to earn their reputation as a completely toxic brand. Is it their style of 2000's frat rock that can only be listened to while sexually menacing a freshman with a Bud Light Lime in your hands? That's hardly a convincing condemnation for the amount of online ire they draw. No, it is our estimation that Nickelback is the world's least popular major act for two simple reasons: Their hollow hard rock, though competently performed, is as shallow as a baby pool, and they have a weird looking frontman. Sorry Chad, but you committed the cardinal sin of not being pretty enough to adorn the bedroom walls of preteen girls across middle America. Blame it on the floppy blonde always-moist haircut that you're most famous for.

Oh who are we kidding, it absolutely rules to dunk on Nickelback. 

An opera singer died as he was being lowered to Hell.

Opera singer Frederick Federici died performing the role of Mephistopheles in Faust, on opening night. CRACKED.COM At the end of the opera, Mephistopheles sinks through a trapdoor in the stage, returning to hell. As Federici was lowered, he suffered a heart attack and died in minutes.

Trove / Wikipedia 

You don’t tell a cancer patient they have cancer in China.

It's a common practice in China to not tell an old person about their cancer diagnosis. CRACKED.COM It is believed that telling them can make their condition deteriorate quicker. The doctors will, however, tell the family.

NCBI / Pexels 

Detroiters did not want Nickelback performing at a halftime show.

People in Detroit petitioned to stop Nickleback from performing at the Thanksgiving Day halftime show. AN MUSIC AV 2 CRACKED.COM More than 43,000 people signed the petition at change.org that asks show producers to reconsider their choice, because they suck.

CBS / Wikipedia 

A Badjao tribe diver can walk along the seafloor for five minutes to hunt.

A Filipino diver from the Badjao tribe can descend 65 feet to the seafloor and stay underwater for up to 5 minutes. CRACKED.COM Even without weights, he is negatively buoyant and can 'walk' across the bottom of the sea as if hunting on land.

Panda Classic / BBC 

The color of silica beads shows how much moisture they absorbed, and are NOT flavors.

The colored beads in Silica Gel packets are a humidity indicator. SINA 19240 SILICA GEL DESECAN NO any ARIR SILICA A CRACKED.COM If the beads are blue or orange, the silica gel can still absorb more moisture. If the beads are pink or green, then the silica gel is spent and can absorb no more moisture.

Delta Adsorbents / Wikipedia 

Lacrosse was originally played with hundreds of players over three days.

Lacrosse was originally a form of ceremonial combat played by Native American tribes. 8 INGAR 3 CRACKED COM Teams of 100-1,000 players, on a field several kilometers long, played for two to three days straight. The French Canadians called it la crosse, because the sticks resembled shepherds' crooks.

The Tyee / Pexels 

The Illuminati conspiracy was a prank in the 1960s.

The Illuminati conspiracy is largely due to prank letters published in Playboy magazine in the 1960s. CRACKED.COM A Playboy writer, Robert Anton Wilson, was friends with author Kerry Thornley, who had co-written a parody text for a parody religion called Discordia, which advocated hoaxing and misinformation.

Skeptoid / Pexels 

A hoax report got a Washington Post writer to lose her Pulitzer.

A Washington Post writer had to give back her Pulitzer when her story was found to be a lie. AMERICAN/NEWSPAPER RENDEREDBYANY PRODUCT DURING THEYEAD 9 CAUSA HONORIS RITORIOUS PUBLICIS SERVICE AWARDEDBYCOLUABIA UNIVE RSITY TO CRACKED.COM In 1981, Janet Cooke won a Pulitzer Prize after she published a fake story named Jimmy's World, which was about an 8-year-old heroin addict.

Unresolved / Wikipedia 

Cheese has naturally occurring morphine from the cow’s liver.

Cheese can be addictive, and contains trace amounts of naturally occurring morphine. CRACKED.COM Milk also contains the protein casein, which provokes similar effects to opiates when it's turned into cheese, due to the casomorphins being greater concentrated.

Gizmodo / Pexels 

A pair of conjoined twins share a brain and all of their senses.

The Hogan sisters see, feel, and taste what the other does. CRACKED.COM They are a pair of craniopagus conjoined twins whose brains are so intertwined, they share all of their senses.

CBC / Wikipedia 

The lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers saved a kid through CPR.

Anthony Kiedis saved a baby's life whilst filming Carpool Karaoke. CRACKED.COM A distraught woman approached the set screaming My baby can't breathe. Kiedis calmly took the child and restored its breathing through CPR. Не then resumed filming the show.

Radio X / Wikipedia 

Random New Yorkers were asked to review a Broadway show because they shared their names with critics.

A Broadway producer got around poor reviews by finding random people with the same names as theater critics. CRACKED.COM After inviting them to his show, he printed ads quoting the 7 namesakes' rave reviews. The show remained open for another 6 months.

Museum of Hoaxes / Pexels 

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