20 Wild Facts About Pulp Fiction, Venus Flytraps, And 1930's Muggle-Heads

Mia Wallace is a Disney princess, don’t @ us.
20 Wild Facts About Pulp Fiction, Venus Flytraps, And 1930's Muggle-Heads

If you're a fan of Roman architecture, cosmopolitan cities, or just really big buildings, then Berlin was the place for you… at least according to the Nazis. The Germans planned to rebuild Berlin after WWII into a neo-roman city, with one state building, the Volkshalle, being so massive that it could rain inside during events due to the perspiration and breath from 150 000 occupants. Back to modern times for a second – piracy isn't always a bad thing. Just ask Eric D. Wilkinson who publicly thanked people for illegally downloading his movie 2007's “The Man From Earth”. After the movie was shared via BitTorrent, Wilkinson said this lifted the profile of film far beyond expectations. And on the subject of movies, while they may be able to fool audiences on screen, sometimes actors can also fool doctors in real life. Michael Imperioli found this out when he cut his hand while filming his death scene in ‘Goodfellas.’ He was taken to ER where doctors rushed to treat his fake bullet wounds, but they soon realized the blood and the wounds weren't real.

In the USSR, windshield wipers were often removed by the owner when they parked.

In the Soviet Union, it was common for people to take their windshield wipers with them when they parked. CRACKED COM Otherwise there was a chance of them be- ing stolen because there were severe shortages of auto parts in the USSR.

NY times / Unsplash

A doctor in Antarctica treated her own cancer while she was isolated from the world.

A doctor in the South Pole biopsied and treated her own breast cancer. GRAGKED.COM In complete darkness, medical equipment had to be airdropped from mili- tary aircraft to Dr. Jerri Nielsen during the over- winter period when the crew is normally isolated from the outside world.

NY Times / Unsplash

A popular Korean show involves a 400 year old alien in love with an Earth woman.

There's a Korean TV show about a 400-year-old alien who falls in love with a human woman. CRACKED.COM The show, 'My Love From Another Star,' is a huge hit in Korea and elsewhere; Chi- nese fans were hospitalized for binging on the woman character's favorite food: fried chicken and beer.

NY Times / YouTube

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