19 Trivia Tidbits For The Trifecta Tonight

19 Trivia Tidbits For The Trifecta Tonight

We all know that marriages are sometimes made for love and sometimes for convenience, but did you know that there was a marriage during the Indo-Pak war specifically for espionage purposes? A young Indian girl married a Pakistani Army Officer during the 1971 war in order to gain information from him - and she ended up saving thousands of lives. Wes Craven is one of the masterminds behind some of horror's most iconic films, including A Nightmare On Elm Street. But even he has his limits when it comes to on-screen violence. In fact, he walked out of a screening of Reservoir Dogs because it was too graphic for him. Now, you might think you've heard everything when it comes to childbirth stories, but this next one will blow your mind. In 2016, a baby girl named Lynlee from Lewisville, Texas was born… twice! Pediatric surgeons removed her from the womb to cut out a tumor on her spine before placing her back inside and waiting until she could be born healthy several weeks later.

Socrates wanted Greek homes to be built with solar in mind.

Socrates suggested a passive solar design for Greek houses. CRAGKED.COM All openings faced south and roofs were angled north. Houses remained cool during summer since the roof provided shade, and there was warmth during winters.

Dennis Holloway

Mao Zedong gifted Chinese workers mangoes and started a cult.

A mango cult developed after Mao Zedong gifted them to workers during China's Cultural Revolution. CRACKED.COM Workers worshiped mangoes, holding processions that cel- ebrated them and equating them with Mao's image. One dentist who compared them to sweet potatoes in appear- ance was executed.


Stockholm tested a lottery that rewarded safe drivers.

Stockholm, Sweden tested a Speed Camera Lottery. CRACKED.COM Limit-abiding drivers were automatically entered into a draw- ing to win a prize pool funded out of fines paid by speeders.


Munker’s illusion makes oranges look better in red netting.

Oranges are sold in bright red net bags to cause Munker's illusion. CRACKED.COM This affects the per- ceived color of the fruits, letting the red netting deepen the color of the oranges to make them appear more attractive.

University of Hannover

A Russian ice-breaking ship was used to rescue beluga whales.

In 1984, a Russian ice-breaking ship was called to save over 2,000 trapped beluga whales. CRACKED.COM At first they refused to fol- low the ship to open water, but when the crew began playing classical music through the ship's loud- speakers, the whales final- ly followed Moskva to the unfrozen sea.

Fascinating Earth 

There is a place in Washington only accessible through Canada.

The exclave of Point Roberts, Washington is accessible only by driving through Canada. CRACKED.COM It is a popular destina- tion for people in the US Witness Relocation Pro- gram since it is effec- tively off-limits to US citizens who can't get passports.

City Lab

A female competitive eater weighed 99 lbs.

A competitive eater, Sonya Thomas, was under 100 pounds. GRACKED.COM In 2005, she held 22 world titles at a body- weight of 99 Ibs and defeated elite male and female competi- tors twice her size or more.

SF Gate

The capital of Cyprus is split into two time zones.

Nicosia, Cyprus is the only capital city that has two time zones. GRAGKED.COM Owing to the Turkish inva- sion and occupation of Northern Cyprus in 1974, the city has been split in half for over 40 years, and is one of the few capitals without an airport.

Cyprus Mail

A Lego crime ring was broken up in 2014.

Arizona police broke up a Lego crime ring in 2014. CRACKED.COM Police arrested four people in connection with at least $40,000 worth of Legos stolen from several Toys R Us stores. They also discovered an additional 18 pallets' worth ($200,000) in their home.


There was a portable computer in 1981.

The first commercially successful portable microcomputer was released in 1981. D EXECUTIVE CRACKED.COM The Osborne 1 weighed nearly 25 pounds, had to be plugged into the wall, and cost $1,795 (or roughly $5,000 in to- day's dollars).

PC World

The Yankees stopped using Liza Minnelli’s version of “New York, New York.”

The NY Yankees used to play the Frank Sinatra version of fNew York, New York after wins and the Liza Minnelli version after losses. CRACKED.COM Minnelli complained and asked them to play her version after wins or not at all. So the Yankees be- gan playing the Sinatra version after every game, win or lose.


Winner and Loser Lane took two very different and unexpected life paths.

In 1958, a man decided to name two of his sons Winner and Loser. GRACKED.COM Their father asked his old- est daughter what to name the new baby, and she said we already have a Winner in the family, why not a Loser? Winner became a hardened criminal and Los- er became a detective.


A 15-month-old was given alcohol at a Detroit Applebees.

An Applebee's in Detroit once accidentally gave a 15-month-old toddler apple juice mixed with alcohol. CRACKED.COM Не was saying hi and bye to the walls, said the mother. Не even- tually laid his head down on the table and we thought maybe he was just sleepy.


A baby was born twice in 2016.

In 2016, a baby girl named Lynlee from Lewisville, Texas was born twice. CRACKED.COM Pediatric surgeons re- moved her from the womb to cut out a tu- mor on her spine, placed her back in and several weeks later Lynlee was born healthy.


A spy married a Pakistani officer during the Indo-Pak war.

A young Indian girl married a Pakistani Army Officer during the Indo-Pak war of 1971 to spy on him. GRACKED.COM Sehmat Khan managed to gain confidential informa- tion and ended up saving thousands of lives by pro- viding information about a Pakistani naval attack to the Indian authorities.

Tribune India

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