20 Irresistible Facts That Really Uncorked Our Shiraz

Bill O’Reilly wrote a novel about a predatory newsman that kills his colleagues.
20 Irresistible Facts That Really Uncorked Our Shiraz

I enjoy this list of interesting facts. It's a great way to pass the time. I think I can remember everything on here without even having to look. I've had a lot of time to kill in the last year, so I've been thinking about various ways to waste it. I figured I could make a list of all of the things I've noticed and done while killing time, but then I thought I could make a list of all of the strange facts I'd ever heard of and just put them in one place, since I know a lot of stuff. So that's what I did. This is a really long list of interesting facts. It's not really organized. Some of the facts are more interesting than others, but most of them aren't especially noteworthy. It was a lot more work than I thought it would be. But it's pretty fun. 

The Bat-growl was Nolan’s fault, not Bale’s.

The infamous Batman growl in The Dark Knight was not Christian Bale's fault. CRACKED.COM The real voice during film- ing was more toned down and then heightened to a rougher, grittier vibe during post-production un- der the decision of director Christopher Nolan.


Three home invaders snorted a dead man’s ashes by accident.

Three burglars snorted a man's ashes thinking it was cocaine. GRAGKED.COM In 2010, the burglars thought that they had found a stash of cocaine while breaking into a wom- an's house in Central Flori- da. They ended up snort- ing the ashes of a man and his two great Danes.


Men in the Royal Navy can have beards if they grow full enough.

There are facial hair restrictions in the Royal Navy for men with patchy beards. GRAGKED.COM A sailor in the British Royal Navy may only grow a beard if they can achieve a 'respect- able full enough beard' after two weeks' growth.


Children in Scandinavia nap outside.

Scandinavians are adamant about letting their children nap outside. GRACKED.COM Parents report that ba- bies take longer and deeper naps when they sleep comfortably bun- dled up outside, even in cold weather.

Time INC

Steve Jobs got most of his money from his stock in Disney.

Most of Steve Jobs' wealth was from his shares in Disney, not Apple. CRACKED.COM Most of the fortune that Jobs passed onto his wife when he died of cancer in 2011 came from a stake of roughly 8% in Disney, ac- quired when he sold the animation studio he co-founded, Pixar, in 2006.

NY Post

Ed McMahon flew 85 combat missions in the Korean War.

Ed McMahon was a retired Marine Corps Colonel. CRACKED.COM Soon after the Japanese at- tacks on Pearl Harbor, he enlisted in the Marine Corps and entered flight training. Не flew 85 combat missions in the Korean War and earned 6 air medals.


The Pentagon has rubberized rockets that can be ignited and propel themselves.

The Pentagon has kinetic fireball incendiaries made of rubberized rocket fuel. CRACKED.COM When ignited, they pro- pel themselves random- ly at high speed, bounc- ing off walls, smashing through doors, turning an entire building into an inferno.


Burglars fled a home when they realized it belonged to Dolph Lundgren.

Three masked burglars broke into a house and tied up a woman they didn't realize was Dolph Lundgren's wife. LBE CRACKED.COM When the burglars saw a photo of Lundgren, a 4th dan black belt and the European champion in Kyokushin karate, they fled realizing whose house they were in.

Talk Sport Magazine

FDR was an avid stamp collector.

Collecting stamps was a nearly lifelong passion for Franklin D. Roosevelt. CRACKED.COM When FDR contracted ро- lio in 1921, he turned to his stamps as a distraction during his bedridden days. Не once said, I owe my life to my hobbies, espe- cially stamp collecting.


Two churches shoot fireworks at each other every Christmas.

Two rival churches in Vrontados, Greece shoot tens of thousands of fireworks at each other every Easter. CRACKED.COM Both churches then claim victory in the Rocket War, and agree to settle the score next year. The tradition dates back to the Ottoman era when real cannons were used instead.


Ketchup gets more watery when force is applied to it.

Ketchup is a non-newtonian fluid. CRACKED.COM Unlike other such fluids, its viscosity actually lowers when a force is applied to it. This is why ketchup will often pour out in such large unintended quanti- ties after a little shake.


Breyers ice cream is “frozen dessert” in Canada.

Breyers cannot be called ice cream in Canada because it no longer contains enough milk and cream. CRACKED.COM As a result of excessive amounts of additives in their ice cream to cut costs, Canada determined their product must be la- beled Frozen Dairy Des- sert or Frozen Dessert.

The Star

Candy Crush was released two years after a similar game.

Candy Crush is a rip off of another game. andy GRACKED.COM SAG After his mom died, Albert Ransom learned to code and built an indie game called CandySwipe. Two years later, the near-iden- tical game Candy Crush Saga was released.


Lincoln’s head was going to have a hole in it for the second time, on Mount Rushmore.

There was going to be a secret chamber carved into Mount Rushmore. GRACKED.COM The sculptor, Gutzon Bor- glum, planned to make a secret room behind the hairline of Abraham Lin- coln leading to a chamber originally intended to hold some of America's most treasured documents.

Business Insider

A compulsive need to make jokes may be the result of a brain injury.

A person with damage to the right brain hemisphere can develop a joke addiction. CRACKED.COM This a compulsive need to constantly make jokes. That's not what we have, though, we are just terri- fied of a single second of unoccupied silence that may force us to be intro- spective. Fart!

Discover Magazine

Marie Curie ran out of radium so a women’s magazine crowdfunded donations to get her more.

A women's magazine led a crowdfunding campaign in 1921 to buy Marie Curie more radium. CRACKED.COM After a fundraising cam- paign led by American wom- en, Curie traveled to the United States to be present- ed with one gram of radium by President Warren Hard- ing on May 20, 1921.

Smithsonian Magazine

Bill O’Reilly wrote a novel about a predatory newsman that kills his colleagues.

Bill O'Reilly wrote a book in 1998 that eerily mirrors his Fox News firing amid sexual harassment lawsuits. CRACKED.COM O'Reilly wrote a novel named 'Those Who Tres- pass' about a tall, bitter, sexually predatory newsman who gets forced out of his job and starts murdering former colleagues who helped ruin his career.


Half of adults in the US are in a facial recognition network.

Half of American adults are in a law enforcement face recognition network. GENDER: FEMALE | per O AGE GROUP: YOUNG MOMEN ETHNICITY: CAUCASIAN HUMAN BODY PART: HUMAN FACE TOTAL 100000000000000000 TIME: 331 S 201 DETECTION: 25621 POINTS CRACKED.COM Its use is almost com- pletely unregulated, as most agencies don't even require suspicion of crim- inal activity before using the database for identifi- cation.


A zombie extra accidentally shit talked the film to the director of “Shaun of the Dead.”

An extra disparaged 'Shaun of the Dead' to Edgar Wright while filming. CRACKED.COM One of the zombie extras walked up to Edgar Wright, and not knowing he was the director & co-writer, whis- pered in his ear and joked, Oof, straight-to-video for this one!


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