17 Celebrities and the Foods They Can’t Live Without

17 Celebrities and the Foods They Can’t Live Without

Food, glorious food. Beyond sustenance, food can bring joy. What’s your favorite? Everyone has at least one. There’s that one dish, that one dessert, that one pre-packaged sugar-filled corporate edible that you just can’t stop loving. That one food you have whenever you wish to celebrate. That one food you have that helps you swallow your sorrow. That one food that reminds you of that special person. That one food that makes your life worth living.

Each one of us has that “one food.” Including your favorite actor, musician, or person from history. They are just like us in that there’s a favorite food they love. Maybe you share a favorite food with a person of note or renown. Or at least that one actor from that one movie you saw a few months ago.

Feast your eyes on a group of celebrities and the foods that each one of them craves.

Barack Obama

Celebrities' Favorite Foods Barack Obama Broccoli When asked what his favorite food as at an anti-obesity event for children during his presidency, Obama immediately said broccoli. Whether that's the truth or he said that to encourage the children to eat their veggies, that's your call. CRACKED.COM


Kendall Jenner

Celebrities' Favorite Foods Kendall Jenner TWIX Twix Bar While she watches her diet due to her modeling jobs, Jenner is known to keep a Twix around her purse or cookie bars person to indulge in quick bite. CRACKED.COM


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