How 15 Famous Musicians Responded to Weird Al's Parodies

How 15 Famous Musicians Responded to Weird Al's Parodies

I enjoy this list of interesting facts, although not always for the same reasons as other people. It's true I have an unorthodox sense of humor. I find strange things amusing, and my friends and family have often been surprised by what they find humorous. I don't mean they are surprised by what I find humorous, but they find what I find humorous strange. My family has always thought that I am strange, so when I find things funny, I am only confirming their suspicions. I don't feel any need to prove myself. In many cases, though, my peculiar sense of humor is an obstacle in life. It gets in the way of doing the things I enjoy this list of interesting facts would seem to encourage me to do. I find some things funny, such as when people take themselves too seriously. It is less funny when I do it. But there are some people who take themselves too seriously even when I'm around to point out their ridiculousness. 


Eminem CRACKED.COM Eminem allowed Yankovic to re- cord a parody of Lose Yourself but asked him not to make a mu- sic video, fearing that it would change kids' visual perception on what that image was. Yes, the image of Eminem vomiting in a filthy public restroom.


Graham Nash

Graham Nash CRACKED.COM Nash wasn't just pleased that Yan- kovic chose to parody Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, he actually asked him to do it. They ran into each other in the early 2010s, and Nash asked, So when are you going to get around to doing a parody of 'Suite: Judy Blue Eyes? Yankovic had, in fact, just recorded a parody of the song, so he got to play it for him right there.



Nirvana GRACKED.COM Instead, Yankovic had a stroke of luck after asking a friend and cast member of Saturday Night Live to put Nirvana on the phone if they were ever on the show - and then she did. Kurt Cobain just had one question: Is it going to be a song about food? Yankovic assured him, no, it's going to be a song about how nobody can understand your lyrics, and he replied, Oh, sure, of course, that's funny. It was later revealed that Cobain had called Yankovic America's modern pop-rock genious in his journals.


Presidents of the United States of America

Presidents of the United States of America CRACKED.COM When Yankovic played Gump for the Presidents of the United States of America, it was the first time he got to see a musician's reaction to his work firsthand, and fortunately, they loved it. In fact, they often sing his words when they play Lump live.


Mark Knopfler

Mark Knopfler CRACKED.COM Determined to work the Beverly Hill- billies into something, Yankovic in- stead asked the Dire Straits to use their song Money For Nothing. Frontman Mark Knopfler, taking ad- vantage of the opportunity to jam with a legend, granted permission only on the condition that he was al- lowed to play lead guitar on the track.



Prince CRACKED.COM Throughout the '80s and '90s, Prince always turned down Yankov- ic's pitches, including a parody of Purple Rain called Yellow Snow and one of Let's Go Crazy about the Beverly Hillbillies. Until Prince became a casualty of 2016, Yankov- ic approached him every few years see if he's lightened up.


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