20 Flagrantly Off-The-Wall Facts That Hot Crossed Our Buns

Winston Churchill had a doctor’s note for alcohol.
20 Flagrantly Off-The-Wall Facts That Hot Crossed Our Buns

I'm going to share some very interesting facts, but also, there are going to be some really silly ones, too. I'm going to share them in a way that's meant to be entertaining. It will be an absurdist comedy. The things you're about to read are really odd, strange, interesting, silly, and sometimes funny things. I don't want you to think this is some boring list of boring facts. There's no order to this, and there are some facts I enjoy because they're a little weird. And others are really strange. I'm sure you'll find this list of interesting facts amusing and entertaining. 1) The world's first online dating service was launched in 1986 in Australia. It was called “The Cyber Date Network.” It was created by the owner of a small news agency. The service was quite popular, but it eventually failed and shut down. Errr … wait, never mind, that's total nonsense. Here's the real, honest-to-God list of facts:

Occam’s razor is all about shaving and cutting away assumptions.

The razor in Occam's razor refers to shaving or cutting two hypotheses. ROUND D RAZOR CROWN& MADE IN GERMANY SWORD The hypothesis is distin- guished by shaving away unnecessary assumptions or cutting apart two similar conclusions. This means a solution with the fewest as- sumptions, not the simplest answer, is usually correct. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


A ship with its provisions intact but no crew was found adrift in the ocean.

In 1872, a ship known as the Mary Celeste was discovered adrift and deserted in the Atlantic. When another ship happened upon her, all of the provisions and belongings of the crew were perfectly intact, but the crew were all missing. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Smithsonian Magazine

Howard Hughes purchased a TV station because he felt nothing he liked was on.

Howard Hughes bought a TV station just to play his favorite movies. The American business magnate was an insomniac and was frustrated that there was nothing good on TV late at night, so he bought the station and had it play his favorite movies 24/7. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Las Vegas Sun

A Scottish doctor inspired the creation of Sherlock Holmes.

Arthur Conan Doyle loosely based Sherlock Holmes on Dr. Joseph Bell, a Scottish surgeon. Dr. Bell would often pick a stranger, and by ob- serving him, deduce his occupation and recent activities. Не was consid- ered a pioneer in forensic science. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Irish Examiner

The Torre Mayor building is one of the strongest in the world.

The third tallest building in Mexico was built to withstand an 8.5 magnitude earthquake. Occupants inside the Torre Mayor in Mexico City did not even know that a 7.6 magnitude earthquake was hap- pening when it ос- curred in 2003. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


New Zealand keeps a record of the insults Parliament members throw at each other.

The Parliament of New Zealand keeps an official list of unparliamentary language used by members. These are insults/obsceni- ties used through the years that were not considered appropriate, such as His brains could revolve inside a peanut shell for a thou- sand years without touch- ing the sides. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

NZ Parliment

An 11 year old published a paper disproving the claims of Reiki practitioners.

The youngest person to publish in a medical journal was 11 years old. Emily Rosa published her school science project demonstrating that Reiki (a type of alternative med- icine) practitioners could not detect the alleged life force under experimental conditions. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


White Castle paints their interiors white to appear clean.

White Castle became popular because of public reaction to Upton Sinclair's The Jungle. 5 White Castle حداد easure Emotion =NO HAMBURGERS VIKE للسيط To make sure that custom- ers thought their food was clean, the buildings were painted completely white, the interiors were made of stainless steel, and the em- ployees all wore spotless uniforms. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

The Daily Meal

An abandoned Japanese island was once the most populated on Earth.

One of the previously most densely populated islands on the planet is now abandoned. Gunkanjima, Japan was at one point packed with an average of 1.4 residents per square meter of space. Google sent a single em- ployee to map the island with a camera on their back. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Web Urbanist

A meter long gun shell was the first object to reach the stratosphere.

The first man-made object to reach the stratosphere was fired from a giant gun. MG.26f The Paris Gun, used by the Germans in WWI to bom- bard Paris from 80 miles away, fired a meter long shell. The curvature of the earth had to be considered when calculating where it would land. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Galaxy Magazine

Michael Jackson was put under anesthesia instead of sleeping.

Michael Jackson didn't sleep for 60 days prior to his death. Jackson suffered from severe insomnia and instead of sleep, his personal doctor had been putting him un- der general anesthesia every night. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Japanese noblewomen had servants take the blame for their farts.

Some Japanese noblewomen of the Edo period had fart- blame-taking heoibikuni. There were servants em- ployed to take the blame for their farts if their boss passed gas in front of oth- ers. This was done by the servant 'confessing'/ver- bally proclaiming it was her at the moment. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Sora News

A jazz band member killed his bandmate, who was also an African president.

A West African president was assassinated by his former bandmate. In 1987, Thomas Sankara (then president of Burkina Faso) was killed in a coup held by Blaise Compaoré. Ten years earlier, they were in a band together called 'Tout-à-Coup Jazz.' CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

The Guardian

“Going steady” was seen as a problem to parents in the 1950s.

Parents and church leaders much prefered teens in the '50s to date a different person every weekend. Going steady with one person was seen as en- couraging the relation- ship to develop into one of physical intimacy, something parents wished to avoid. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


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