20 Out-Of-This-World Facts That Really Webbed Our Telescopes

The SIMP planet is wandering the Milky Way.
20 Out-Of-This-World Facts That Really Webbed Our Telescopes

We enjoy this list of interesting facts quite a bit, and we have been informed by the reader that this is an interesting topic. And we agree that the subject matter of this list, in all its varied glory, is certainly worthy of the reader's time and attention. So, let's begin! First off, a confession. When you are in the presence of your friends or family, and you're in the middle of telling a story, do you ever start thinking about how the story ends? And, when you reach the end of your story, do you then think about how the story started? And how you came up with the story? And how the story went from the idea to the finished product? And how, and why, it came to be told? And what if you were to tell a story that is not even remotely true, but it sounds plausible enough tobe enjoyed? What if you were to tell a story that you know is true, and that is absolutely amazing, but that is just not suitable for this list of interesting facts? We have thought about this. It can get tricky, especially if the story in question is really, really good.

The drowning guests in ‘Roller Coaster Tycoon’ were added because the designer was lazy.

Allowing park guests in 'Roller Coaster Tycoon' to drown was easier than programming them to swim. CRACKED.COM The original designer didn't set out to make a violent game, but the alternative re- quired a lot more program- ming (and graphics) than a simple animation of the guest waving for help and fi- nally disappearing.

Rock Paper Shotgun

Pigeons let their leader know if they’re doing a bad job.

Pigeons give their flock leader performance reviews. CRACKED.COM Pigeons can understand when a flock leader is do- ing a poor job and course correct. The poor leader will also spend less time as head bird and lose flock mates due to poor perfor- mance.


The most prolific American serial killer claims to have killed 93 women.

Samuel Little was the most prolific American serial killer. FBI FEDERATION - شت ) WASHINGTON FIELD OFFICE EVIDENCE RESPONSE TEAM CRACKED.COM Не claimed to have killed as many as 93 women and the FBI has confirmed his involvement in at least 50 murders, the largest num- ber of proven cases for any serial killer in US his- tory.

NY Times

Coolio was robbed when he tried to stage dive.

Coolio was beaten and robbed in 2009 after attempting to stage dive. CRACKED.COM The rapper was performing to a Students Union at Stafford University in the UK, when he decided to launch himself off the stage into the crowd. No one caught him, and his shoes were stolen.


One actor voiced all of the female characters on ‘Thundercats’ season one.

Only 8 actors voiced all of the speaking roles in the 1984 cartoon series 'ThunderCats.' CRACKED.COM Each actor had to voice an average of 8.25 characters to bring the 66 speaking roles to life. Lynne Lipton provided voices for every single female character in the first season.


Astronauts must know how to speak Russian as well as English.

All astronauts have to learn how to speak Russian, and all cosmonauts have to learn how to speak English. NIK CRACKED.COM It's part of the require- ments for basic training, says Canadian astronaut and medical doctor David Saint-Jacques, you have to pass a certain compe- tency test in Russian.

Universe Today

Darwin predicted the discovery of a certain moth just by seeing a peculiar flower.

A moth adapted a tongue many times its body length to reach the nectar of an extremely deep flower. CRACKED.COM Charles Darwin theorized such a moth existed in 1862, just by seeing the Madagascar flower that was sent to him. 130 years later, Xanthopan morganii was discovered feeding on the flower.

The Guardian

One gram of the toxin that makes botox can kill a million people.

1 gram of botulinum neurotoxin makes 90% of the world's supply of botox for a year. GRACKED.COM A company in Ireland pro- duces about 90% of the world's commercial Botox, which is the biological product of this toxin. The single gram that is import- ed into Ireland is enough to kill one million people.


Bill Nye’s relative founded a lubricant manufacturer.

Bill Nye's relative is responsible for the international ban against whaling. CRACKED.COM The Science Guy is a di- rect descendant of the founder of Nye Lubri- cants' brother, Captain Nye, who invented a new type of synthetic oil that was more reliable than its organic predecessors.

Nye Lubricants

People were struck by lighting filming ‘The Passion of the Christ.’

Jim Caviezel was struck by lightning whilst filming 'The Passion of the Christ.' GRAGKED.COM Assistant director Jan Mi- chelini was struck twice by lightning minutes be- fore Caviezel, who played the titular Christ, on loca- tion a few hours from Rome.


Frozen noodles killed a family of 9 in China.

In 2020, 9 members of the same family died in China after eating noodles that were in the freezer for a year. CRACKED.COM The corn-based noodles, a local Chinese dish called Suantangzi, gave them Bongkrekic acid poisoning. Three children in the fami- ly didn't like the taste and refused to eat them, sav- ing their lives.


The SIMP planet is wandering the Milky Way.

A massive planet in the Milky Way named SIMP ironically does not orbit anything. CRACKED.COM SIMP J01365663+0933473 is a free-range planet 13 times the mass of Jupiter, with stunningly bright au- roras that are generated by a magnetic field 4 million times stronger than Earth's.


The crime rate in Iceland is so low that parents leave their infants outside.

Parents in Iceland often leave their infants outside in the stroller when they go to restaurants. CRACKED.COM Iceland's crime rate is so low, there is basically no need to worry about the babies. This became a common occurrence when tuberculosis took over in the 20th century, to give the children fresh air.

I Heart Radio

Men and women have different smelling sweat.

Men's sweat smells like cheese and womens' smells like onions. CRACKED.COM The odor is not caused by the sweat itself. Bacteria that live on the body in- gest compounds present in the sweat, the metabo- lism of which causes the smell.


African spiny mice grow their skin back instead of scar tissue.

African spiny mice can shed up to 60% of the skin on their backs to escape predators. CRACKED COM They then regrow hair follicles, skin, sweat glands and fur instead of scar tissue. It is spec- ulated that we could switch this mechanism on in humans.


Sliced bread was the greatest thing since wrapped bread.

By 1933, around 80% of bread sold in the US was pre-sliced. GRACKED.COM When sliced bread was first announced in 1928 it was referred to as, the greatest for- ward step in the bak- ing industry since bread was wrapped.


A tribe in Africa steals food from lions.

The people of Kenya's Dorobo tribe steal fresh kills from lions. GRACKED.COM They find a pride that has had a fresh kill during daytime, then walk up to them while they are feeding and cut off some meat. The lions are too startled to react and usually run away.


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