Space! It's big as hell, and it seems like they're mostly nothing out there besides empty vacuums and burning balls of gas… But that hasn't stopped generations of Earthlings from trying to figure out just what's going on up there. We've built space stations, created amazing machines that have helped us see far away planets, and even managed to get a couple of guys to that gray rock that hangs out in our sky. 

Here are some of the weirdest, mind expanding facts about what's going on beyond the borders of planet Earth, and the people on the ground who are doing their best to figure it out all out. Did you know what famous astronaut wasn't that popular among his colleagues? Or who managed to turn the unwritten rule of “no married couples in space” into a formal written one? 

For most of us, looking at a list on our phone in the bathroom is the closest we'll ever get to leaving the planet ourselves. 

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