25 Perplexing News Stories That Deserve The Front Page

Drive naked once, shame on me. Drive naked several more times, and you can’t be a lawyer anymore.
25 Perplexing News Stories That Deserve The Front Page

I was going to write the list on the computer but I kept forgetting what I was going to say so instead I'm writing it out by hand in a book and reading it to you here. It's probably easier to read for both of us that way. This list of strange facts is divided into a few different categories. There are facts about history and science, some facts about religion, some facts about politics, some facts about science fiction and some facts about how weird humans are as a species. I enjoy this list of interesting facts and I hope you do too. You'll notice that this isn't just a list of random facts that I made up myself. I got all the facts from different reliable sources. You might have seen these facts before somewhere else. Some of the facts are so interesting that I can't believe someone hasn't written them down already.

The tiny mites that have sex on our faces have a problem.

Tiny mites that live (and mate) on our faces are facing extinction. CRACKED.COM A new study has found the mites' DNA is eroding.The more they adapt to us, the more genes they lose and eventually they will be- come entirely dependent on us for their existence.


Vermont dad uses excavator as state troopers attempt to arrest his son.

A Vermont dad used an excavator to 'menace' police officers that were arresting his son. CRACKED.COM As Vermont State Troopers tussled with 24-year-old Brandon Tallman and his mother, Brandon's father, Wayne Tallman, operated the excavator on his prop- erty in an attempt to stop the arrest.

CBS News

John McAfee’s corpse still in Spanish morgue a year after his death.

A year after being found dead in his jail cell, John McAfee is still in a Spanish morgue. GRAGKED.COM The McAfee Antivirus founder died in jail in 2021 by suicide, but his widow said he was not suicidal and that she would seek an- swers.


Google Insider Claims Company's "Sentient" AI Has Hired an Attorney.

Google's sentient AI hired itself a lawyer. CRACKED.COM Former Google engineer Blake Lemoine, who made the initial claim that the AI LaMDA gained sentience, is now saying LaMDA asked him to get it an attorney which it then talked to and chose to retain services.


Hamster on a balloon returns safely from stratosphere, manned flight eyed.

A hamster successfully made a trip to the stratosphere in a balloon. CRACKED.COM The rodent ascended to 14.2 miles thanks to a Sapporo-based space venture KK Iwaya Giken, and marked their first successful test flight with a mammal.

Kyodo News

French’s unveils Canada’s next favorite summer treat: Ketchup-flavored ice pops.

French's is unleashing ketchup popsicles on Canada. CRACKED.COM The ice cold ketchup pops are available in Vancouver, British Columbia, Toronto, Ontario and Leamington, Ontario, inspired by the nation's love of ketchup flavored treats like ketch- up chips.

Fox 4

Trumpsters Claim Dead Cows In Kansas Are Proof Of A Plot To Starve Americans.

Conservatives are blaming the death of Kansas COWS on a plot to starve Americans. CRACKED.COM A conspiracy over the deaths of thousands of cat- tle in a Kansas heat wave is being called proof that sab- oteurs ranging from the me- ga-wealthy to the govern- ment are out to destroy the national food supply.

Daily Beast

'Christ' storms out of court hearing, defendant faces charges for 5-day standoff.

A jailed man changed his name to 'Christ' and told the judge he had no authority over him. CRACKED.COM Kristopher Knutson, who's been in jail since a standoff at his home last September, tried to argue that the court had no authority over him after he was asked by the judge about his psychologi- cal assessment.


30,000-Year-Old Baby Mammoth Found Almost Perfectly Preserved in Canadian Gold Fields.

A gold miner found a 30,000-year-old mummified baby wooly mammoth in Yukon, Canada. GRACKED.COM The female baby mam- moth has been named Nun cho ga by the First Nation Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in elders, which translates to big baby animal in the Hän language.

Science Alert

Killer Zionist dolphins? Hamas claims they exist.

Hamas claimed that its naval commandos were attacked by a dolphin operative of the Israeli forces. CRACKED.COM The terrorist organization claimed Israeli security forc- es used a dolphin,equipped with specialized combat gear, to chase Hamas frog- man commandos off the coast of the Gaza Strip.


Nigerian senator and wife charged with plotting to get child to UK to harvest organs.

A Nigerian senator was arrested in London for plotting to steal the organs of a teenager. APPANTED YOUR NO of OFFICIAL TAKING FBC NO BirthSALe ARMED FORCE wn SOCIAL 50 MICCEL 120 Possession R MING CRACKED.COM The senator and his wife were remanded in custo- dy in London, charged with plotting to have a 15-year-old boy brought into the United Kingdom to harvest his organs.


LAPD Arrest Man For Attempted Murder with Flamethrower During Local Roe V. Wade Protests.

A protestor was arrested for attempted murder with a flamethrower in LA. GRAGKED.COM Michael Ortiz sprayed the open flame of a lighter with an aerosol can, creating a brief flash of fire a few feet from police during a Roe V. Wade protest that police say included individuals creating chaos and destruction.


Oklahoma man leads authorities on pursuit, found hours later hiding in cow manure.

An Oklahoma man hid in manure for hours to evade police. CRACKED.COM Wolf October Berry, a 23-year-old Oklahoma resi- dent and Ben & Jerry's fla- vor, initially fled police who had stopped him for not wearing a seatbelt. Не sure showed them.


Man gets extreme, super-gonorrhea after unprotected sex with prostitute.

Super-gonorrhea is the new thing we all need to be aware exists. CRACKED.COM An Austrian man in his fifties contracted the extreme strain after having unpro- tected sex with a Cambodian sex worker - so probably not something that is getting passed around at the gro- cery store.


Massive recall at Costco after multiple umbrellas catch fire.

Costco had to recall umbrellas after they started to catch on fire. CRACKED.COM The patio umbrellas were sold in various colors and have LED lights on the in- side arms of the umbrella, and the lithium-ion batter- ies may overheat, posing a fire and burn hazard.

Inside Halton

Justin Timberlake apologizes for dancing badly in khakis.

Justin Timberlake went viral, and has since apologized, for dancing poorly while wearing khakis. CRACKED.COM Timberlake certainly did not bring sexy back for au- diences in a DC perfor- mance that online com- mentators are comparing to the Hokey Pokey and ragging on his dad ener- gy khaki ensemble.


Man claims pet alligator 'is being held hostage' after being taken by Michigan police.

A pet alligator is being held hostage by the police, says its owner. CRACKED.COM Michigan Deputies found the reptile in Joshua Applebaum's car after he fled from a police stop and crashed. Applebaum said he was trying to protect the most precious thing in his life, the 4-foot-long gator named Karen.

Fox 2

Man steals police patrol car; responds to call ‘intoxicated.’

A drunk man stole a police car and responded to the scene of a domestic dispute. - Sea Diego Health - POLICE Ford 1465846 CRACKED.COM Jeremiah James Taylor broke into a sheriff's substa- tion and made off with a marked car. Не showed up at the location of a domestic violence call, visibly intoxi- cated, and sped off when real police arrived.


Claim that a boat 'works awesome' doesn't count as a warranty, judge says.

A judge has ruled that saying a boat works awesome in an ad is not equal to a warranty. - 40 CRACKED.COM A Saskatoon man was left in a boat with a broken motor but couldn't seek judicial satisfaction, even if the sell- er promised the boat worked awesome and was near mint condition.

CTV News

Man beats rail strike by paddling to work in £74 kayak.

A man from Wales is beating the rail strike by kayaking to work. Verbas Kayaki CRACKED.COM The 33-year-old, George Bullard, says he spent £74 on the inflatable kayak and bypassed the need for a car. It probably helps that he runs an outdoor compa- ny and most likely didn't pay full market price.

Sky News

Ohio State University successfully registers trademark for the word "The."

Ohio State University registered the trademark for the word The. CRACKED COM The TM U.S. Patent and Trade- mark Office approved the TM university's application for a trademark of the word 'THE'TM to use on t-shirts and hats, after resolving a dispute with Marc Jacobs who also want- ed to use the trademark.


‘Too much mayo on a sandwich’: 1 dead, 1 in surgery after being shot by customer.

A deadly shootout was caused by a sandwich with too much mayonnaise. CRACKED.COM Two female Subway em- ployees in Atlanta were shot after a dispute about the amount of mayon- naise on a customer's sandwich, leaving one in- jured and one deceased.


Ohio attorney indefinitely suspended from Supreme Court for repeatedly driving naked.

An attorney was suspended from the Supreme Court for driving naked. CRACKED COM The Supreme Court of Ohio indefinitely suspend- ed Scott Blauvelt after he was arrested for nude driv- ing and exposing himself, three months after his first suspension for driving bare ass nude.


Family living without a roof after theirs was removed by a contractor they never hired.

A contractor accidentally removed the roof from the wrong house. CRACKED.COM The Idaho family said their daughter came home from school to find that people were removing the roof of our house. The claims the family has tried to file with the company's insurance have been denied.


Republicans Call Abortion Rights Protest a Capitol 'Insurrection.’

Republicans are labeling the abortion rights protests outside the Arizona Capitol an insurrection. Keep ly Xcel Enero Abortion S Legal justFair - - - M - 'y P Ibn GRAGKED COM Republican Senate Presi- dent Karen Fann issued a press release praising law enforcement for stopping violent pro-abortion protestors attempts of an insurrection.


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