It's not easy running a business: There are so many plates to spin and things to consider, it's not surprising that there are countless examples of nightmare enducing missteps. With all that said, and the understanding that hindsight is 20/20, some of these companies should have probably foreseen how poorly some of these ideas were obviously going to play out. 

A clothing company making bricks, for some reason? A pen company that got into the underwear game in certain countries? Or how about an awkwardly named yogurt flavored version of one of the most popular cola brands that (thankfully, probably) only available in Japan? 

We're not saying that if we were put behind the wheel of some of these companies we would have definitely made better decisions-- But may it be a lesson to all of us that when someone in the room says “Hey, is this a bad idea?” We give it some serious consideration. 

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