15 Nepotism Babies That Made It Big

Curse our normie parents.
15 Nepotism Babies That Made It Big

If your goal is to be famous or wealthy, the odds are not in your favor … unless you happen to have a head start. In the race to being at the top of the entertainment pyramid, there’s a lot of competition, and everyone has a different starting position. Some people were raised on film sets, learning the ABCs of Hollywood before they could say their first word. Of course, there are plenty of people with famous parents who have failed big. (See Tom Hanks’ son Chet’s rap career. But, hey, we know about it so maybe it’s not a failure after all.) Having famous parents may not make you successful, but it certainly doesn't hurt.  

Maybe it takes a combination of knowing the right people, the industry, and talent to succeed. Or maybe it’s all luck. Either way, these are 15 stars who had the luck of being born into a family already in show business. And assuming that played a big part in their success makes us feel a lot better about our (lack of) IMDB pages.

Allison Williams

ALLISON WILLIAMS The Girls and Get Out star isn't the first in her family to make news. Her dad is news anchor Brian Williams while her mother was a TV producer. CRACKED.COM

Matt Healy

MATT HEALY The 1975 frontman's parents are better known on the other side of the pond. His mom is actor and TV personality Denise Welch and his father is actor Tim Healy. CRACKED.COM

Gwyneth Paltrow

GWYNETH PALTROW The accomplished actor turned Goop founder is the daughter of Emmy- and Tony-winning actor Blythe Danner and film director and producer Bruce Paltrow. CRACKED.COM

Jennifer Aniston

JENNIFER ANISTON V O The Friends star was exposed to television early, being the daughter of The Days of Our Lives actor John Aniston. Her mom Nancy Dow was also an actor. CRACKED.COM

Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal

JAKE AND MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL The well-known actor siblings grew up in Hollywood, with parents Emmy-nominated director Stephen Gyllenhaal and Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Naomi Foner Gyllenhaal. CRACKED.COM

Kurt Russell

KURT RUSSELL The action dramastar is the son of Bing Russell, who played Deputy Clem Foster on Bonanza. CRACKED.COM

Jennifer Jason Leigh

JENNIFER JASON LEIGH The actor is the daughter of Emmy-nominated actor Vic Morrow and actor and screenwriter Barbara Turner. CRACKED.COM

Laura Dern

LAURA DERN The queen of Jurassic Park was born to Academy Award-nominated Bruce Dern and Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore star Diane Ladd. CRACKED.COM

Ron Howard

RON HOWARD The Happy Days star and Academy Award winning director was born to Married... with Children actor Jean Speegle and actor Rance Howard. CRACKED.COM

Margaret Qualley

MARGARET QUALLEY The actor who starred in The Leftovers is the daughter of Groundhog Day and Sex, Lies, and Videotape star Andie MacDowell. CRACKED.COM

Dakota Johnson

DAKOTA JOHNSON The Fifty Shades star is Hollywood royalty. Her parents are actors Don Johnson (Nash Bridges himself) and Melanie Griffith (Working Girl star) making her grandmother The Birds actor Tippi Hedren. CRACKED.COM

Max Landis

MAX LANDIS The son of John Landis (the director of Animal House, The Blues Brother, and Coming to America) bravely followed his father's big footsteps... to write Bright. CRACKED.COM
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