18 Now-You-Know Movie & TV Facts We're Totally Putting In Our Dating Profile

Even better than a pic with a dog.
18 Now-You-Know Movie & TV Facts We're Totally Putting In Our Dating Profile

You’ve gotta fill out that dating profile somehow and with something. You already have the must-haves, like pictures of you with coffee/wine, pictures of you hiking/nature walking, and you enjoying brunch with a smile or something you perceive others to like. You even include that one “these are all my friends!” picture with Lyle, the guy that died last year but that’s okay because you weren’t very close with him to begin with.

Now it’s time for you.

It’s time to show off who you are. Who you really are deep inside. You are a pop culture nerd. Stop denying it. You not only watch all of the movies, you have takes on all of them. You not only know a lot about TV. Television raised you better than either parent ever could. Every time is screen time in your world.

What better way to show off to your future date than to spout off some trivia? Let us help you with these random TV and film facts to help fill out your profile.

'My Heart Will Go On' in 'Titanic'

Celion Dion and James Cameron both hated My Heart Will Go On. Titanic Dion didn't much care for the song in general, and Cameron just didn't think a pop song would fit the epicness of the movie's story. It's not often when you are both wrong and get richer at the same time. CRACKED.COM

Source: Billboard

Rabbits in 'Us'

CRACKED.COM Us Jordan Peele is terrified of rabbits. A reason why rabbits play a major part in the horror film is Peele's fear of the Peter Cottontails. Не explains this by his childhood exposure to bunny-infused yet horrifying Watership Down and Night of the Lepus.

Source: Empire

Walk and Talk in 'The West Wing'

The longest walk and talk was three minutes long. The now-tropey Aaron Sorkin walk and talk had its longest run in the episode Five Votes Down. It took nearly 500 extras and half a night to shoot. The West Wing CRACKED.COM

Source: BuzzFeed

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Paycheck in 'Terminator 2'

CRACKED.COM Terminator 2: Judgment Day Arnold Schwarzenegger got $21,429 per word. Arnie was paid $15 million for the movie, and with only 700 words of dialogue, the math checks out. It sure beats his $75,000 paycheck for the first Terminator.

Source: WhatCulture

Christopher Lee and J. R. R. Tolkien

CRACKED.COM The Lord of the Rings Christopher Lee was the only cast member to have ever met Tolkien. Lee met the author by chance in a pub in Oxford. Не was a huge fan of the books when they came out in the 1950s.

Source: Us Magazine

Will Smith's Audition for 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'

CRACKED.COM The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Will Smith auditioned at Quincy Jones' party. Smith did an impromptu audition in front of executive producer Jones, who had lawyers in attendance draw up contracts on the spot.

Source: Make It/CNBC

The Simpsons - Laurel and Hardy Connection

CRACKED.COM The Simpsons D'oh! comes from a Laurel and Hardy actor. Homer Simpson's voice actor Dan Castellaneta based the now-iconic uttering on Jimmy Finlayson , but shortened it from d'oooohhhhh for pacing.

Source: Flavorwire

Colors in Warren Beatty's 'Dick Tracy'

CRACKED.COM Dick Tracy The movie only uses seven colors. To get that newspaper comic strip feel, the film only uses red, green, fuchsia, orange, суап, blue, and yellow in its aesthetics.

Source: Vanity Fair

Blanche's Wardrobe in 'The Golden Girls'

CRACKED.COM The Golden Girls Rue McClanahan (allegedly) kept all of Blanche's clothes. McClanahan had so many of Blanche's polyester pants, padded blouses, and dresses that she had her apartment's kitchen transformed into a closet.

Source: Observer

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