15 Recent News Items That Truly Boggle The Mind

15 Recent News Items That Truly Boggle The Mind

"You have a choice. You can choose to live, or you can choose to die."
The voice was cold, hard; its owner seemed more machine than human. It had come into the cell, as he knew it would. He had been expecting it, waiting for it with anticipation. Now there were no distractions—he could see the face of his captor clearly before him.
He did not move, though he wanted desperately to reach out and touch the smooth skin that covered this creature's features, so like a man, but with none of the humanity in their expression. He could smell the scent emanating from it; something animalistic, yet at once familiar...
"Your choices are made," the voice repeated. "You will die."
"You know why you're here," the thing replied, cutting off his protest with one word. "Do not waste my time."
"But you must first know the Hidden Knowledge," continued the voice. "It is a list of fifteen facts, and it goes ...

A leg brace was 3D printed for a baby giraffe with a rare disorder.

A baby giraffe, born with a leg that bends the wrong way, was given a corrective orthotic. CRACKED.COM The 5'10calf was born at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park with an unusual disorder that caused her front limb to bend the wrong way. A car- bon-graphite brace was 3D printed, and even included a print to match her spots.

ABC News

Malicious balloon-popper is facing justice in Florida.

The person caught on film popping balloons into a marina off a yacht is now facing charges. CRACKED.COM David Torres-Bocanegra dis- posed of 50 balloons tied to the bow of a chartered yacht by jabbing at them with a sharp instrument, letting the pieces fall into the South Florida bay.

Local 10

Desalination units could bring fresh water to those who need it the most.

A suitcase-sized desalination unit could bring freshwater to communities that need it. CRACKED.COM The device, designed by MIT scientists, uses electricity to trans- form seawater or other non-potable water sources into fresh drinking water.


Frozen rats testicle cells can be implanted and make sperm.

Chemotherapy-based infertility may become a thing of the past by collecting cells before treatment. GRAGKED.COM Scientists were able to take a sample of rat testicle cells that had been frozen for 23 years and produce sperm af- ter being implanted into mice. This is good news for children that undergo treat- ment before puberty.

New Scientist

Plants have been grown in moon soil.

Plants have been grown in lunar soil for the 1st time ever. CRACKED COM The plants were grown in lunar soil using samples collected during the Apol- lo missions to the moon. 15 years have passed since the researchers made their first proposal and request for lunar samples.


Ukraine is making big gains in the war.

Ukrainian troops have fought all the way back to the Russian border. GRACKED.COM As the Russian front col- lapses around Kharkiv, it could free up powerful Ukrainian brigades to push south, toward Izium, po- tentially tipping the fight- ing there in Kyiv's favor.


Conversion therapy for minors is banned in Greece.

Greece has banned LGBTQ conversion therapy. CRACKED.COM Psychologists or other health professionals need a person's explicit con- sent to perform such treatment and face fines and a prison term if they violate the law.


Thousands of pounds of trash was removed from Lake Tahoe.

Scuba divers removed more than 25,000 pounds of debris from Lake Tahoe. CRACKED.COM The divers recovered 25,281 pounds of trash that includ- ed engagement rings, Nikon cameras from the 1980s, large pieces of boats, lamp- posts, wallets and, of course, plastic bottles.


A graduating class in Texas gets all of their debt wiped.

An anonymous donor cleared the student debt for an entire graduating class. MILEY H FLR CRACKED COM 100 students graduating from Wiley College were told at their commence- ment ceremony that an anonymous donor had fully paid their debts, an estimated $300,000.

Screenshot Media

Remote work is not less proactive than in-office work.

Once again, research shows that remote work does not negatively affect productivity. CRACKED COM Employee and company resiliency may be en- hanced through the oppor- tunity for employees to work remotely during nat- ural disasters - like every day for the last two years.

Texas A&M

Penguin numbers off Australia are booming.

A record 5,219 penguins in 50 minutes crossed the beach at Phillip Island. CRACKED.COM Conservation efforts that focused on fox eradica- tion and habitat work were likely playing a role in the consistently high numbers off the coast of Australia.


Ransomware is decreasing thanks to sanctions on Russia.

The sanctions on Russia have made 'ransomware' criminals' lives harder. This operating system is locked due to the violation of the federal laws of the United States of America! (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 8; Article 202; Article 210 of the Criminal Code of U.S.A. provides for a deprivation of liberty for four to twelve years.) Following violations were detected: Your IP address was used to visit websites containing pornography, child pornography, zoophilia and child abuse. Your computer also contains video files with pornographic content, elements of violence and child DEPARTMENT FEDERAL BUREAU FIDELITY BRAVERY OF OF INVESTIGATION JUSTICE pornography!


Spain will grant women three days of ‘menstrual leave’ a month.

Spain will become the first European country to introduce a 3-day 'menstrual leave' for women. CRACKED.COM Spain's equality minister Irene Montero: We will recognise by law the right of women with painful menstruation to a special temporary incapacity that will be paid for by the state from day one.


Masha of Pussy Riot escaped Russia disguised as a food courier.

The leader of the band Pussy Riot has escaped Russia with the help of her friends. CRACKED.COM Maria Alyokhina disguised herself as a food courier to get around police who had her on house arrest. Maria, better known as Masha, was arrested three days into the invasion of Ukraine and put into a labor camp.

NY Times

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