15 Unusual News Scoops That Really Creased Our Bifolds

NASA is sliding into alien DMs with nudes.
15 Unusual News Scoops That Really Creased Our Bifolds



The world is in turmoil. There are many who say the end of days approaches and the gods themselves must be weeping at such a state of affairs. I am not so sure. The world may be falling apart, but we are far from the last days of humanity as we know it. The truth is that humanity is far stronger than most would have us believe. We just need to remember who we once were and who we are still capable of being.

In times like these we should all take heart that our forefathers were not weak. They did more with less, and in doing so created the foundation upon which our society is now built.

We are all descended from those men and women who were able to survive, despite all that nature had thrown at them.

And finally, this allowed us to participate in noble endeavors such as gathering trivia for entertainment. Here, to celebrate this, is a list of fifteen strange facts:

NASA is sliding into alien DMs with nudes.

NASA wants to send naked pictures of humans to space in hopes of potentially making contact with aliens. CRACKED.COM The message will also come with an invitation to respond, should aliens ever discover it. The pictures ar- en't graphic, but rather il- lustrations of a naked man and woman with DNA de- scriptions.


Mower thief uses mower to mow.

A suspected lawn mower thief uses his recently ill-gotten goods to mow his victim's lawn. GRACKED GOM Police said Marcus Hub- bard was seen on security cameras removing the lawnmower on April Fools' Day and using it to cut grass in the homeowner's front and back yards.


Cup Noodles is launching a makeup line.

America's favorite ramen brand, Cup Noodles, is launching a makeup collection. CRACKED.COM The collection is inspired by the warm tones of ra- men noodle soup. The vari- ous makeup looks made possible by the different sets are just as easy to cre- ate as making Cup Noodles itself.


Thailand Naval officer forced recruits to drink semen.

A Navy officer in Thailand is being held for allegedly forcing the seamen under him to drink... well, semen. NDUVII OSI EMONY C CRACKED COM The incident, captured in a viral video, has shone a light on Thailand's long-running issue of sex- ual, physical, and psycho- logical abuse in its mili- tary.


Warren Buffet says investing is so easy, a monkey could do it.

Warren Buffett says 'monkeys' could do as good a job investing as Wall Street financial advisors. CRACKED.COM Legendary investor Warren Buffett calls investing a simple game that financial advisors have con- vinced the public is harder than it really is.


Someone dressed as poop let off a stink bomb at a city council meeting.

A man dressed as a poop emoji let off a stink bomb at a city council meeting in Oklahoma City. GRACKED COM Phil Ateto told city council members that they were upholding white suprema- су by passing a bill which established a police ac- countability board, and that it was a turd of a bill.


A pub-on-wheels was being driven by, surprise, someone drunk.

The driver for a midtown Atlanta 'pedal pub' accident that injured 15 people was charged with DUI. PedalPub Veg Tell773 - NEW Mornoo Morano Moreno CRACKED COM Police said a Pedal Pub with multiple passengers was trying to turn, but they were going too fast and flipped. At least two people are in critical condi- tion, three with serious in- juries.


Unfortunate Kate Spade email was sent to subscribers.

Ulta Beauty apologized for a 'Come hang with Kate Spade' perfume promo CRACKED COM The designer died by suicide when she hanged herself in 2018. Spade's death led to a wave of conversations about mental health.


A murder victim was uncovered after historic low water levels revealed the barrel they were stuffed in.

Low water levels in a lake revealed a body in barrel, likely a gunshot murder victim from decades ago. CRACKED.COM According to the release, detectives believe the victim was killed some time in the mid '70s to ear- ly '80s, based on clothing and footwear the victim was found with.


Bees can learn about numbers and do simple math.

Honeybees join humans as the only known animals that can tell the difference between odd and even numbers. GRACKED.COM Studies have shown honey- bees can learn to order quantities, perform simple addition and subtraction, match symbols with quan- tities and relate size and number concepts.


Toxic pigment was used in book binding, and a conservator wants to find them all.

A museum conservator is hunting down books that contain a toxic green pigment. CRACKED.COM A toxic green pig- ment was once used to color everything from fake flowers to book covers.

National Geographic

A murder suspect just won a Republican primary.

A murder suspect in Indiana won 60 votes in a primary election. GRAGKED.COM The Boone County man currently in jail, awaiting the murder trial in the death of his wife, has won the Republican primary for a seat on a township board.

Fox 59

A Canadian mayor defended himself against an attacker in front of a grocery store.

A Canadian mayor regrets having 'popped' a man at a grocery store, and vows to create 'safer spaces.' CRACKED.COM Kenny Bell, Iqaluit Mayor, punched an unknown man in the face after he reportedly tried to pick a fight with him, causing the man to do the stanky leg and run off.


Ancient french fries were found in the walls of a house in Illinois.

A family found a preserved McDonald's order from over half a century ago in their home's wall. CRACKED.COM A northern Illinois family who were renovating their home unearthed a bag of french fries that had apparently been sit- ting inside a wall for more than 60 years.


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