15 Entertaining Facts About Entertainers

15 Entertaining Facts About Entertainers

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Actor George Clooney Made His TV Debut as a Handyman.

George Clooney's first role on TV was playing a down-to-earth handyman in 1985 on the sitcom, The Facts of Life. CRACKED.COM Early on in his career, before ER turned him into a superstar, he was also seen on Roseanne and even The Golden Girls.


Comedian Steve Martin is an Accomplished Banjo Player.

Comedian and actor Steve Martin started playing banjo at age 17. Не has played on several albums, and has won a total of five Grammy awards. FE CRACKED.COM In August 2021, he even went viral on Twitter after post- ing a short video clip of him play- ing.


Jonathan Larson, Who Created Rent, Died Before Its Premier.

Jonathan Larson, who created the musical Rent, died on January 25, 1996, a night before the show's Off-Broadway premier. GRACKED.COM For six years prior to his death, Larson worked to make the musical a modern-day version of the opera La Boheme.


James Michael Tyler’s Gunther From Friends Was Originally an Extra.

James Michael Tyler's Gunther from Friends was originally an extra. GRACKED.COM The actor who played Gun- ther on Friends was origi- nally cast as an extra. They eventually wrote Gunther into the 33rd episode, since Tyler was a former barista who knew how to work an espresso machine.


Carl Weathers Was Cast as Apollo Creed By Insulting Sylvester Stallone.

Carl Weathers, who was a linebacker for the Oakland Raiders before becoming an actor, reportedly auditioned for his famous Rocky role by reading with Stallone himself. CRACKED COM Afterwards, he said, I could do a lot better if you got me a real actor to work with. Sly felt that was something Apollo might say, and Weathers earned the role.

Hollywood Reporter

Paul Walker Bought a $10,000 Engagement Ring for a Soldier.

Paul Walker, star of The Fast and Furious, who died in a car accident in 2013, once purchased an engagement ring for a soldier and his fiancee who couldn't afford it. CRACKED.COM Не overheard the cou- ple talking about the hefty price tag, then called over the jewelry store manager and said to Put it on his tab.


Robert Pattinson Took a Stalker on a Date.

Twilight actor Robert Pattison, dealt with an obsessed fan in 2008 by taking her out. CRACKED.COM The woman apparently stayed outside of his apartment for weeks while he filmed a movie in Spain. Pattinson recalled, I just complained about every- thing in my life and she never came back.


Keanu Reeves Was Cast in The Matrix After Five Actors Rejected the Role.

The 1999 film The Matrix became a sensation, partly because of Keanu Reeves' portrayal of the lead character, Neo. GRAGKED.COM Five other A-listers turned down the role: Will Smith, Val Kilmer, Brad Pitt, Nico- las Cage, and even Sandra Bullock who the casting di- rectors considered for a fe- male Neo.


Gary Busey Had a Near-Death Experience.

In 1988, Busey claims to have had a near-death experience after a motorcycle accident. CRACKED.COM In 2003, the actor starred in the film Quigley, about a man who dies and comes back as a dog. Reportedly he disagreed so ve- hemently about the set design of heaven he got into a fist fight with another actor, and the film went days behind schedule.

Huff Post

Cher Used the First Autotune.

On Cher's comeback hit Believe in 1998, the producers decided to test out a vocal autotune device. CRACKED COM They set the pitch corrector at an ex- tremely high level that created the fa- mous robot-synthe- sizer sound.


Actress “Thandie” Newton is Actually Thandiwe Newton.

Thandiwe Newton's first name was misspelled as Thandie in the credits of her 1991 first movie, Flirting. GRAGKED.COM In April 2021, after three decades, the actress reclaimed her original first name.


A Hometown Lucille Ball Statue Causes Nightmares.

In Lucille Ball's hometown of Celeron, NY, an unsettling sculpture of the late actress had been there since 2009. CRACKED.COM In 2014, it was fi- nally replaced with another of the comedian that was easier on the eyes.


Phil Collins Disdains Dress Codes.

Phil Collins disdains dress codes. CRACKED.COM Phil Collins named his 1985 solo album No Jacket Re- quired after an incident in Chicago. Collins was de- nied service at a restaurant because he did not meet the dress code require- ments.

Chicago Tribune

Julia Child Was a WWII Spy.

The late American cook, known for TV's The French Chef, worked for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) during WWII under her maiden name Julia McWilliams. CRACKED.COM C.I.A. docu- mentation was once classified.


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