15 Truly Wild Facts About Everything Under The Sun And Beyond

Leeches did not make good weathermen.
15 Truly Wild Facts About Everything Under The Sun And Beyond

It is said that the human brain has a finite capacity to remember facts. That means if you're going to memorize a list of 100 facts about something or someone, then you'll forget 99 other facts. However, the following fifteen facts will be the only ones you need in your life. They are, simply put, true facts about everything under the sun and indeed beyond.

First, the sun itself: An ordinary star, it's actually a yellow dwarf that sits in a spiral arm that's kind of far from the center of the galaxy. It has been around for more than five billion years (since its formation in the very earliest days of our galaxy). If it was a human being, it would have a birthday on Saturday, July 19th, at 6:32 PM Eastern Time.

With that out of the way, we can now get started on facts about things under and beyond the sun.

Lobsters follow the same naming conventions as poultry.

Male and female lobsters are called cocks and hens. CRAGKED.COM A male lobster is called a cock and a female a hen or chicken (when it weighs about one pound). A one-clawed lobster is called a cull, and if it has no claws, it's called a pistol.

The Spruce 

This black cloud made all the sheep in Oxfordshire absolutely lose it.

Thousands of sheep in Oxfordshire simultaneously lost their minds on two occasions. CRACKED.COM In 1888 and 1893, tens of thousands of sheep in England went berserk at the appearance of a large, low hanging black cloud with occasional flashes of lightning.


“Trailers” used to follow movies, not come before them.

Movie trailers used to run after the movie. CRACKED.COM The first trailer in 1913, for a play called The Pleasure Seekers, was made to create buzz and bolster publicity for the production between film screenings.


“The Matrix” code leads to something delicious.

The flowing, green code from The Matrix is made out of recipes. CRACKED.COM Simon Whiteley, who created the custom code for the Matrix, attributes the design to his wife, who is from Japan. Не said that the Matrix code is made out of Japanese sushi recipes.


One internet challenge was giving people frostbite.

The salt and ice challenge sent kids to the hospital with third-degree burns. CRACKED.COM The internet challenge involved putting snow and table salt on your arms to see who could stand it the longest. The ice and salt formed a chemical reaction that induced frostbite.


“Sonic” is just a nickname – but “Hedgehog” is his actual surname.

Sonic the Hedgehog's full name is Ogilvie Maurice Hedgehog. GRAGKED.COM Archie Sonic Miniseries #0 reveals Sonic's true name in a flashback that covers the first time he met Dr. Robotnik, when his beloved Uncle Chuck and dog Muttski were roboticized.


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