Since his 2018 whirlwind romance with Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson hasn't been able to stay out of the news. He went from the young kid on Saturday Night Live, to an all-out A-List celebrity in a matter of years. However, the more we learn about the Saturday Night Live cast member and stand-up comedian, the more questions we have. Even though he already has a series loosely based on his life (with another to come), we need more information. 

Sure, some of our questions were Google-able, like “Does he still live with his mom?” (No, he moved out of the house they bought together after two years.) Or “How did he meet Kim Kardashian?” (They met when she was a guest on Saturday Night Live.) But we were left with more questions.

He’s such a confusing public figure. Why are we so intrigued by this man? What’s his appeal? He’s a funny stand-up comedian but not one of the greats yet. He’s not even the most notable current Saturday Night Member cast member. And yet, we are writing yet another article about him.

How long will he be on Saturday Night Live?

How long will he be on Saturday Night Live? Pete Davidson joined SNL in 2014. Although he wasn't an instant sketch darling like Kate McKinnon or Bowen Yang, he keeps the show culturally relevant just by being on it. After nearly a decade on the show and reaching A-list status, how long will Davidson keep the gig? CRACKED.COM

How much did he get paid to be in the Jonas Brothers roast?

How much did he get paid to be in the Jonas Brothers roast? Netflix's Jonas Brother Family Roast included a pretty significant surprise appearance by Pete Davidson, which was incredibly confusing since it was released in late 2021, after Davidson was already an A-List celeb linked to Kim Kardashian. CRACKED.COM

Does he ever get 'Thank U, Next' by Ariana Grande stuck in his head?

Does he ever get Thank U, Next stuck in his head? 2 are E See E The Ariana Grande song that directly references him is such a bop. We have lots of questions for him about it, like... If it comes on at a club he's at, will he stop dancing? Does he have enough distance from the relationship that he likes it yet? Was the relationship worth a great song? CRACKED.COM

Why do all his exes have a type?

Why do all his exes have a type? Ariana Grande famously dated both Davidson and Mac Miller. Before Grande, Davidson dated Cazzie David (writer and daughter of Larry David) who is supposedly dating Mac Miller's brother. CRACKED.COM

Source: Vanity Fair

Are his relationships for publicity?

Are his relationships for publicity? SM We haven't seen this fast of rise to A-List star via dating since Britney Spears dated Justin Federline. The Saturday Night Live star wasn't even the most popular cast member, and now he's dating a Kardashian. Maybe it's love, or maybe his publicist is brilliant. CRACKED.COM

Why are his Wikipedia photos so bad?

Why are his Wikipedia photos so bad? If his relationships are any indication, Pete Davidson might have the best agent in the world. But his Wikipedia photos (which news outlets commonly pull from) are hilariously bad and outdated. CRACKED.COM

Is he traditionally attractive?

Is he traditionally attractive? Obviously, beauty is subjective, but is he hot by society's limited standards? Why do we have so many disagreements on this? If he's good enough for Kim K. and Ariana, then why are we still undecided? We ask, yet we still can't decide. CRACKED.COM

Did he get his Hillary Clinton tattoo removed?

Did he get his Hillary Clinton tattoo removed? In 2018, Davidson posted to Instagram about a tattoo he got of Clinton. Since then, the white feminist girlboss era (along Clinton's popularity) has subsided, leading us to wonder if Pete's affection for the politician has changed. CRACKED.COM


Why does Kanye West call him "Hillary Clinton's ex-boyfriend"?

Why does Ye call him Hillary's ex-boyfriend? Ye doesn't always make sense, and we've already established that Davidson is a huge Hillary stan, but why would Ye, someone was incredibly cozy with Trump, call Davidson this? Did he actually think the two dated, or is this just an attempted diss for supporting her? CRACKED.COM

Source: NYLON

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