15 Facts To Save For A Rainy Day

15 Facts To Save For A Rainy Day

There were tons of bizarre weight loss solutions back in the day. For example, replacing drinking water with vinegar -- which is not nearly as unappetizing as Marvel branded "mutant" chicken wings served up in the '90s.

Man, the world is so much weirder than any of us ever knew! There’s the cruel (the absurdly low amount corporations pay to extract precious natural resources), the absurd (Jim Carrey sort of anti-crashed a party at the Playboy Mansion?), and the adorable (elephants have a unique anti-bullying protocol). Speaking of adorable, what’s the opposite of “kawaii”? Let’s ask Japanese political candidate Yuusuke Kawai, the dude who has chosen a… pretty bizarre pop culture character to cosplay as in his press conferences.

Also, if you’re still reading, do us a favor: when you find out which boring desert ingredient was invented to snuff out masturbation, let us know in the comments… did it work?

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