13 Engrossing Bits Of Trivia To Make Life Go Faster

Sometimes, nothing cures boredom like learning.
13 Engrossing Bits Of Trivia To Make Life Go Faster

The dilemma of the modern corporate information worker is the fact that the work is not particularly hard, but the boredom and monotony create their own unique form of stress. Well sir (and, or, Madam) Cracked is here to help. Sometimes the cure for interminable boredom is, wait for it, engrossing bits of trivia! See, the issue is that you're just NOT STIMULATED enough. You need to work the ol' gray matter by downloading some new info into that thick noggin of yours.

All extremely dark kidding aside--it's a fascinating world and there's a lot to learn. For example did you know that ‘Finding Nemo’ is actually a fairy accurate portrayal of how amnesiacs behave in real life? Also, turns out John Denver WAS full of it--he had never visited West Virginia when he wrote country roads.

If you're stuck at a boring job with not much to do, yet you're feeling a strong urge to learn new stuff, we have just the thing for you.

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