13 Bits Of Trivia To Upgrade Our General Knowledgeableness

Knowledge is power, so here's a few points to level it up.
13 Bits Of Trivia To Upgrade Our General Knowledgeableness

How's your general knowledgeabless? We're just looking for an overall self assessment. It's always hard to tell from the outside. If your like most people, it's probably pretty solid, but who couldn't use an upgrade? A reboot? A little bit of a…oh we don't know, just something to top off the old gray matter.

We thought we'd help you out with more than a dozen bits of trivia, random factoids, knowledge bombs and wisdom morsels for your noggin. 

For example, NASA only uses the first fifteen digits of PI to aid in their inter planetary navigation. Frankly, it's no wonder we haven't made first contact with intelligent life yet. Did you know that in the 40's self heating cans of soup were all the rage? What the heck happened to those?

As they say -- the more you know ... Well, they don't say what happens, but presumably it's pretty good. In that spirit, here are more bits of knowledge to add to your pile:

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