Tell Us Now: 20 Underrated TV Shows (Canceled Way Too Soon)

Has Fox ever given a TV show a fair shot?
Tell Us Now: 20 Underrated TV Shows (Canceled Way Too Soon)

We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What's your favorite TV show that never got its dues?” 

Sports Night

... TELL US NOW. SPORTS NIGHT Jean C. says, Aaron Sorkin and a cast full of great actors couldn't get audiences to tune into the show that won the 2000 TV Guide Award for 'The Best Show You're Not Watching,' a kiss of death. CRACKED.COM

Pushing Daisies

... TELL US NOW. PUSHING DAISIES Tom D. says, It was such a fantastic and quirky show. It's a shame because the writer's strike at the time killed it, but it was so much wittier than anything else on TV at the time. Nothing to this day really captures that same wit. CRACKED.COM

Terra Nova

... TELL US NOW. TERRA NOVA Sam В. says, Over ten years later and I am still bitter. It was a fantastic show that appealed to the whole family, and they canceled on a cliffhanger. The sci-fi drama only got one season. CRACKED.COM

2001 The Tick

... TELL US NOW. THE TICK (2001) Greg T. tells us, It was comedy gold. Only nine episodes aired featuring the dim-witted but gold-hearted super-hero. CRACKED.COM

The Last Man on Earth

... TELL US NOW. THE LAST MAN ON EARTH Morgan N. says, I wish it could have had a better ending, instead of being cancelled on such a cliffhanger! CRACKED.COM

Halt and Catch Fire

... TELL US NOW. HALT AND CATCH FIRE Nick P. says, Set in the mid 80s during the personal computer boom, it is incredibly well-written and acted. Lee Pace and Kerry Bishè are phenomenal. There's a reason it's known as The Greatest Show That Nobody Watched. CRACKED.COM

United States of Tara

... TELL US NOW. UNITED STATES OF TARA Adam N. says, It was a wonderful series that explored mental illness in a darkly funny but also respectful way. But sadly it never got the viewers it needed to flourish and seems to have been almost completely forgotten. And that's a real shame. But hey, at least it managed to last three (admittedly short) seasons before being unceremoniously cancelled. And thankfully the season three finale served as an acceptable impromptu series finale. (Even though there clearly was more story left to tell.) CRACKED.COM

Santa Clarita Diet

... TELL US NOW. SANTA CLARITA DIET Drew А. bemoans, Santa Clarita Diet makes me salty. We need a true ending. Can't leave it on that cliffhanger. The zombie comedy featured a surprisingly functional family. CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. FRINGE Richard L. says, I know it was 5 seasons, but it was not as popular as it should have been. Excellent science fiction show. CRACKED.COM

Freaks and Geeks

... TELL US NOW. FREAKS AND GEEKS Brad H. is sad there was only 16 episodes of pure genius with an up-and- coming cast of acting greats. CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. FIREFLY Adam N. tells us, Joss Whedon may be a monster, but he knew how to make a d*mn good TV show, and it still holds up and is still very rewatchable 20 years later. CRACKED.COM

Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23

... TELL US NOW. DON'T TRUST THE B---- IN APARTMENT 23 Miles C. says, It was hilariously weird, and James Van Der Beek as himself was fabulous. CRACKED.COM

Dirk Gently

... TELL US NOW. DIRK GENTLY CU Daniel Y. says, Dirk Gently was quirky, fascinating and hinted at a dazzling metaplot, whilst also making you feel for the characters through every doubt and the occasional betrayal. CRACKED.COM

Dead Like Me

... TELL US NOW. DEAD LIKE ME Katie R. says, Truly a brilliant show and wonderfully written. I loved it. Not many comedy-dramas feature grim reapers anymore. CRACKED.COM

The Adventures of Brisco County Jr

... TELL US NOW. THE ADVENTURES OF BRISCO COUNTY JR ELS UDERIES WS Derek J. nominated the Western/sci-fi/steampunk show only got 23 episodes before FOX canceled it after the first season. CRACKED.COM

Flash Forward

... TELL US NOW. FLASH FORWARD Colleen D. says, It was a freaking great premise and high-stakes show that made you think. It had deep, thoughtful characters, intelligent villains, an ongoing mystery, creepy kids who know too much, so many twists...and a cliffhanger so painful it still makes me think about it 12 years later. CRACKED.COM

Better Off Ted

... TELL US NOW. BETTER OFF TED Matt D. says, Better Off Ted was way before its time. Imagine if the Community and The Office had an affair this would be their love child. CRACKED.COM

Almost Human

... TELL US NOW. ALMOST HUMAN Stephen M. says the Karl Urban show had so much potential and cancelled before it really got started. FOX canceled the sci-fi crime drama after one season. CRACKED.COM

Cowboy Bebop

... TELL US NOW. COWBOY ВЕВОР Tom W. says, I know I'm going to catch some heat for it, but I really like the live-action Cowboy Bebop on Netflix. I really feel like it was one of those times where the established fanbase robbed new fans of an opportunity to enjoy a thing. CRACKED.COM

Joan of Arcadia

... TELL US NOW. JOAN OF ARCADIA Gary K. says, I was obsessed with this show as a teen. I'm not overly religious, and I'd say the show wasn't overly either, but the life lessons, the drama, the cast, the acting, the characters, all absolutely amazing. I cried so hard when a certain character died in the second season my mum was convinced something had happened to one of my actual friends. And that ending! It's such a shame we'll never get to see the potential of what they could have done with that set up. CRACKED.COM
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