Cracked VS: Today’s Biggest Musicians Then vs. Now

I miss the old Kayne.
Cracked VS: Today’s Biggest Musicians Then vs. Now

Pretty much every single recording artist has had the same dream, regardless of just how they got into music or what genre they sink into, becoming an industry symbol and changing the dynamics of music all along the way. Although there are dozens of brilliant and renowned artists around today, only a select handful are able to do it all. Most will also have a smash hit or two, and some will even have a streak of smash albums, but only a handful will shift the direction of mainstream music or open a new road for those who come after them.

This piece may indeed be a ‘vibe’ (as the tik tok youth say) but we have to wonder if it is, however, equipped with bars? The growth of an artist's craft is one of the most difficult things to pull off; if you alter too little, you're perceived as putting out the same music, but if you change too much, you risk alienating your fan base. Here are some musicians who, for better or worse, don't look like they did at the outset of their careers.

CRACKED VS BRITNEY SPEARS THEN NOW Ippnin GILEA TA CRACKED.COM Badass who Boy-crazy, battled her bubblegum father over pop princess conservatorship, that dances finally breaking in a school free and reclaiming her girl outfit life and art
CRACKED VS KANYE WEST THEN NOW CRACKED.COM Drama-stirring Musical egomaniac genius, that is still, redefining somehow, the rap occasionally a musical game genius
CRACKED VS ARIANA GRANDE THEN NOW IN C Am GRACKED.COM Sultry voiced, The pale, tan brunette bottle and very sexy red-head baby, voice to sidekick from a generation Nickelodeon's of girls who Victorious vape for breakfast
CRACKED VS EMINEM THEN NOW CRACKED.COM Outdated style A curiosity, with peroxide and a flow that blonde hair and refuses to a goofy, self evolve, capping aware a middling presence that decade with the grabbed theme to everyone's attention Venom
CRACKED VS BEYONCE THEN NOW GRACKED.COM 1/3rd of Culture leader, Destiny's icon and music Child, sings royalty, whose about hot fans will ruin your life if you guys at the club and disturb the paying her Bee Hive own phone bill
CRACKED VS MILEY CYRUS THEN NOW GRACKED.COM Had her grungy, Kids strip club stage television performer star with rebranding to alter ego, stay on top of the cultural zeitgeist Hannah before settling into a seasoned Montana pop superstar
CRACKED VS LADY GAGA THEN NOW CRACKED COM A talented Embraced the singer-songwriter power her talent with a style has to stand on heavily borrowed its own, while from drag culture wading deeper and the fevered into the waters dreams of a dying mime to of Hollywood stand out from movies the crowd
CRACKED VS TAYLOR SWIFT THEN NOW CRACKED.COM Dropped the Sugar sweet country-girl act county-pop at the farm, star, with an writing songs acoustic that delve deeper guitar and a into feelings of composition inadequacy, book full of jealousy, and ex-boyfriends rage
CRACKED VS ADELE THEN NOW CRACKED.COM Amazing Uh yeah, vocalist that pretty croons about much the a broken heart over same, but thinner melancholy piano
CRACKED VS CHRIS BROWN THEN NOW CRACKED.COM A huge A detestable piece garbage of shit person that belongs in jail
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