The supporting cast plays an important role in bringing a project's story to life. We've seen some fantastic casting picks for celebrities over the years. Actors frequently perform in a specific part as a way of demonstrating their worth. Let's take a closer look at some hazardous casting decisions that ended up being fantastic.

Choosing the correct actor to play a specific character is crucial when making a film since an actor's performance could make a character pleasant or unforgettable. Occasionally directors notice something in a performer that others might not and decide to hire that actor anyway. We've created a list of high-risk castings that paid off handsomely, despite the odds.

It's difficult to see how certain actors might potentially pull off certain characters at first, especially if the characters come from literature or comic books that already have a devoted following. Sometimes the director notices something we don't, and sometimes the performer reveals something we didn't know they possessed. In this case, here are 15 risky casting choices that paid off big time.

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