14 Bizarro Origins of Famous Songs

Impress your local record store owner with facts they’ll already know.
14 Bizarro Origins of Famous Songs

You've whistled along in the car, screamed them out from the shower, sang them at the cabaret, and maybe even performed with your grandmother to one of these at your distant friend’s wedding. But would you ever know the dark origins of Van Halen's "Jump" or Hanson's philosophical dialogue in "MMMbop"? The answers might not be as evident or innocent as you think. Here are the fascinating backstories behind 14 well-known songs.

You may think you remember every word to your favorite songs, but do you know who composed them? Some of the most skilled musicians have managed to get by with a little help from their (ahem) friends - both lyrically and musically.

So if you're interested in learning more about the origins of absolutely classic bangers like “Aint No Mountain High Enough” and David Bowie's “Fame”--turns out John Lennon was involved! So look, what are you waiting for?! Consider us your conductor and we are vigorously instructing you to scroll down!

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