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21 Iconic Tales About The Making Of The 'Scream' Movies

21 Iconic Tales About The Making Of The 'Scream' Movies

What's your favorite scary movie? That's not only the creepiest question you can ask on a first date, it's also one of the most memorable quotes from ‘Scream’--an innovative slasher flick and genre homage from Wes Craven that more than holds up today. 

From musings about what was really going on between Billy and Stu to Liev Schreiber doing the most American thing by taking the part just to pay off his student debt — here’s some rad stories about the making of the first four Scream movies (and some bonus info on the fifth).

The fact is, sometimes the behind the scenes can be even wilder than what ends up on the big screen. If you want to learn about more skeletons in the closet of this legendary horror flick--well, don't be scared, crack open that cellar door and creep down the rickety staircase to learn more iconic tales about the making of this epic franchise.

True Story

SCREAM WAS BASED ON A REAL STORY If you google the Gainesville Ripper you'll read all about Danny Rolling, the guy who went on a killing spree in such a fashion that it inspired writer Kevin Williamson to pen the iconic slasher movie. CRACKED.COM


Liev Schreiber being a true American

LIEV SCHREIBER TOOK THE PART OF COTTON WEARY IN SCREAM TO PAY OFF HIS SCHOOL DEBT. Schreiber said he'd just gotten out of school and had tons of debt to pay off, so when Bob Weinstein asked him if he wanted a small part in the movie where he basically has to walk down some stairs and then get into a cop car, he took it. CRACKED.COM


Baby Dewdrop

DEWEY AND GALE ALMOST HAD A KID IN SCREAM 4. The first couple of drafts had them juggling not only the return of Ghostface, but also the arrival of a new baby. The idea was ultimately cut because the filmmakers realized that it would make the shoot ten times more difficult. CRACKED.COM


They almost fired Wes Craven

CRACKED.COM WES CRAVEN ALMOST GOT CANNED BECAUSE THE STUDIO DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO WATCH THE SCREAM DAILIES. After seeing the dailies for the opening sequence, Bob Weinstein hated it and wanted a myriad of changes made. When Craven and his crew resisted, there were worries that Craven might be fired, but when the crew took the dailies and cut them together to show the studio what it would look like once the actually editing was done, Weinstein backed down and the studio admitted that they had no idea how to interpret the dailies.


From fan to...Chad



Ghostface and his phone calls

ALL OF GHOSTFACE'S PHONE CALLS WERE DONE LIVE. The voice behind the mask belongs to Roger Jackson, and he was on set doing the voice live, albeit hidden from the actors at all times so they would never see him and he would remain totally incognito. CRACKED.COM


Don't spoil the twist

74 Mike Koo A SCENE IN THE ORIGINAL SCREAM SCRIPT ALMOST GAVE AWAY THE TWIST. Writer and creator Kevin Williamson said he originally wrote a scene that Wes Craven filmed where Billy and Stu talk about all the fun they were going to have on that final and bloody night. It got cut because it was just too obvious. CRACKED.COM


Interesting cameo, no?

MATTHEW LILLARD HAS A CAMEO IN SCREAM 2. Не can be seen as a supposed extra in the background at the frat party in the sequel. Kevin Williamson said Lillard just showed up that night. CRACKED.COM


Influenced by

THE COLUMBINE HIGH SCHOOL MASSACRE INFLUENCED SCREAM 3. Following the traumatizing event, director Wes Craven decided that the franchise's third installment should have more comedy than horror because sometimes you just have to read the room, man. CRACKED.COM


Almost another killer

IN AN EARLY VERSION OF THE SCRIPT, ADAM BRODY'S DEPUTY HOSS WAS GOING TO BE A THIRD KILLER IN SCREAM 4. It would've been the first time a cop was part of the killings in the Scream franchise. CRACKED.COM


Doing it for the kids

THE FIRST SCREAM WAS RELEASED DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS TO TARGET BORED TEENAGERS. The gamble worked. It took home $103 million from the domestic box office. It only cost around $15 million to make. CRACKED.COM


Deputy Dewey saves the oh wait

DEWEY ORIGINALLY DIED IN THE FIRST SCREAM. The death was filmed and everything, but they soon realized that the character was just too good an addition and had to be in the sequel. CRACKED.COM


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