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If you're reading this, there’s a pretty solid chance you're bored to death at work. So, with these statistics, we're here to relieve your boredom. 

The Death Star was used as a trash can for a while in the 1990s. The model used for shooting effects scenes in A New Hope ended up being put in a building's lobby, with the radar dish missing - they used the hole to drop trash in. CRACKED.COM


WW2 tanks might look huge, but they're only the size of modern SUVs. 111 SIEZAS SAN Of course, those tanks weight much, much more, on the account of all the armor and equipment (for example, Sherman tanks weighed roughly 10 times as much as an SUV). CRACKED.COM


If you die in space, no-one can watch you decompose. Not because there's nobody around, but because you don't actually decompose - since there's no oxygen, you just freeze (or, if you're near a source of heat, you basically turn into a mummy). CRACKED.COM


As of 2020, Segway Inc has completely stopped producing the Segway. was - Which meant that the Segway was retired less than 20 years after production got started - not much of a lifecycle for something so hyped-up. CRACKED.COM


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