13 Pieces Of Outstanding Trivia To Make Talking To Strangers Easier

13 Pieces Of Outstanding Trivia To Make Talking To Strangers Easier

How do you feel about talking to strangers? Have you ever pretended to be a shop mannequin just to avoid small talk? What? Oh, no, us neither--that's truly beyond the pale. We just thought YOU might have done something like that. Listen, let's not get hung up on this whole thing, alright?

The fact is PLENTY of people loathe chit chat with random passer-bys and the like. Catching up with cashiers? No thanks. Conversing with cab drivers? We'd rather walk. Jawing with passing joggers? We'll stay on the couch thank you very much.

The thing is, sometimes talking to strangers just can't be avoided. For those times? We certainly do NOT recommend you ask them open ended questions about themselves and their interest. No, dear reader, we recommend you immediately commence a full scale conversational assault with this assemblage of outstanding trivia.

Conversation stuck in a rut? Not sure what topic to bring up next? Just whip out one of these facts!

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It's a tradition in Jewish circles to eat Chinese food during the holidays. The earliest written record of Chinese food being delivered to a Jewish institution on Christmas was in 1935, and it's been kind of a tradition at least since then (and probably earlier). CRACKED.COM


One guy escaped from the Sahara desert by turning his car into a bike. Не tore down his car (that had broken down), and used the parts to build a motorcycle. It worked. CRACKED.COM


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