Do you like movies? We sure do. In fact, we also love them. Especially the ones with sequels. You know, the ones that make no sense. Like when they just keep making more and more movies and don't seem to care if the story actually makes sense or not. Yep, we’re suckers for trilogies, quadrilogies and extended universes of every strip. 

Biggie Smalls, the great bard and wise man, famously quipped, "More money, more problems," which is unfortunately all too true when it comes to movies. Movies are often planned as trilogies or series with cliffhangers leading into the next installment. Occasionally, sequels are made that don't quite make sense in the context of the first film. Here are a few examples of movies with sequels that make no sense! 

If you're anything like us, you love a good movie sequel. The promise of more action, adventure, and suspense is always tantalizing. However, there are a few sequels out there that make absolutely no sense when you look at them in the context of the original film. Here are some examples!

WEIRD WORLD A guy in Italy tried to get vaccinated in a fake arm that he'd brought along. Unfortunately for antivaxxers everywhere, this innovation in vaccine evasion didn't work and the guy was busted. CRACKED.COM


WEIRD WORLD Google is being sued for failing to live up to its classic Don't be evil motto. Specifically, two ex-Googlers are suing the company for breaching the Don't be evil clause in its contract. CRACKED.COM


WEIRD WORLD Singapore is turning to cockroaches as a measure to save human lives. Apparently, the plan is to augment them and turn them into cyborg bugs that can find humans in disaster sites. CRACKED.COM


WEIRD WORLD A guy stopped by the Sheriff's Office to check if he was wanted... ... and he was. SAMETE COUNTY SHERIFF 514172 The visit really did not go well for him, and he ended up in jail - it's kind of unclear what he thought would happen if, indeed, he was wanted. CRACKED.COM


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