Tell Us Now: 16 Not-So-Obvious Ways To Demonstrate Intelligence

What's a subtle thing people do that shows that they're smart?
Tell Us Now: 16 Not-So-Obvious Ways To Demonstrate Intelligence

We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What’s a discreet way people show their intelligence?” The most common answers were being able to admit when they are wrong and being kind, which makes us think our audience is pretty smart. Here are 16 ways you might be able to spot yourself a genius…

Learn something new

... TELL US NOW. WILLING TO LEARN Chris А. says, In general, they don't get upset if they don't know something. Might ask questions or look it up on their own. CRACKED.COM

Use your blinkers

... TELL US NOW. USING A TURN SIGNAL Christine G. says, They use their blinker when taking a turn. CRACKED.COM

Be kind

... TELL US NOW. EXTENDING KINDNESS Jessica F. tells US, The older I've gotten, the more I am convinced that kindness is one of the biggest indicators of true intelligence. CRACKED.COM

Explain things simply

... TELL US NOW. SIMPLIFYING COMPLEX ISSUES NOMI THE BIG BANGTO BLACK HOLES AJA says, Using simple, clear language to explain hard-to- understand topics. See Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time for an example. CRACKED.COM

Punctuate accurately

... TELL US NOW. KNOWING WHEN TO USE AN EM DASH Frankie В. has a simple way others can indicate their intelligence, saying, Using proper punctuation. CRACKED.COM

Have a good sense of humor

... TELL US NOW. HAVING A QUICK WIT Dave W. says, One of the best ways to tell somebody's intelligence is by the quality of their sense of humor. CRACKED.COM

Don't be happy

... TELL US NOW. BEING DISCONTENT Darryl C. says, Crippling depression, with a dash of existential crisis. Happiness is inversely proportional to intelligence. CRACKED.COM

Speak another language

... TELL US NOW. BEING A POLYGOT Kandie M. says intelligent people tend to speak at least two languages. CRACKED.COM

Know when to speak up

... TELL US NOW. TALKING WITH INTENTION K12 Christian E. says you can identify an intelligent person by finding the quiet guy in the corner, who only speaks up now and then. And when he does, the things he says are based on facts and has references to back them up. CRACKED.COM

Change your mind

... TELL US NOW. BEING OPEN TO NEW INFORMATION Aaron W. says a sure sign of intelligence is being able to adopt a new opinion when presented with new information. CRACKED.COM

Use humor to share another perspective

... TELL US NOW. USING HUMOR WELL Billy Bradley says intelligence can be conveyed through comedy, The ability to take concepts and ideas and apply them in various situations shows not only what they know, but how they can get people to think in different ways. CRACKED.COM

Avoid unnecessary arguments

... TELL US NOW. KNOWING WHEN TO ENGAGE Alex F. says you can tell someone is smart when they keep their d**n mouth shut during pointless arguments and avoiding them entirely. CRACKED.COM

Insult people creatively

... TELL US NOW. NOT RESORTING TO EXPLETIVES Bianca В. says, Being able to absolutely tear a person apart without needing to use a single profanity. Extra points if they do it without using a single insult- they just present a solid case that shows why the other person is wrong, and it's so glaringly clear and detailed that no one can argue with it. CRACKED.COM

Be emotionally intelligent first

... TELL US NOW. TREATING OTHERS KINDLY Camille В. shares, I think emotional intelligence is underrated and shows subtly in many ways, largely in how a person treats others and seeks to understand and empathize rather than argue their side from the outset. CRACKED.COM

Be interested in the world around you

... TELL US NOW. STAYING CURIOUS Andi C. says, By being interested in almost anything. I never met an intelligent person without innate curiosity. An intelligent person could be taken into a museum for something they've no knowledge of whatsoever and not be bored. CRACKED.COM

Gently teach people

... TELL US NOW. CORRECTING OTHERS WITH KINDNESS Amelia В. says, Whenever someone can correct someone else in a way that is so gentle the other person doesn't even realize they are being corrected but still learns... I think that takes a genius-level of social intelligence. CRACKED.COM
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