30 Hidden Cameos In Iconic Movies And Shows

30 Hidden Cameos In Iconic Movies And Shows

All those bigshots in Tinsel Town just love throwing cameos into their projects, and quite honestly, we can't really blame them. They're (mostly) pretty harmless to the quality of the movie and can be pretty fun for the audience to discover – after all, in the mega franchises which currently dominate the entertainment landscape, what’s more fun for the dedicated fan than finding a sneaky bit of actor cross-contamination? Oh wow, that sounds like cameos are a bit germy, which certainly is not the case, at least in our thinking. It’s like finding easter eggs in comic book movies, but for all sorts of movies. From David Lynch appearing as a lowly grunt in his uh, well, controversial take on Dune to the creator of Thanos himself (Jim Starlin) popping up briefly in Avengers Endgame, here are 30 cameos large and small filmmakers put in their movies and shows for the viewers to sniff out and smirk at: 

MLB ALL-STARS THE SIMPSONS CITY CHAMPS CRACKED.COM Mr. Burns assembles a pantheon of all-time baseball greats for the company softball team. See Ken Griffey Jr. develop gigantism on an episode deservedly enshrined in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.


PETE & PETE Iggy Pop was Michelle Trachtenberg's dad. CRACKED.COM Не shows up in five episodes as the oddball James Mecklenberg, occasionally referring to himself as Pop and even serenading his daughter at a school dance.


PETE & PETE Adam West was a prudish principal. CAM CRACKED.COM Не made a couple of appearances as the strict Principal Ken Swinger, a disciplinarian with a sign in his office that says Rules Set You Free.


David Lynch cameo'd in his (truly bizarre) version of Dune as a lowly spice worker. CRACKED.COM


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