Did you know that some of the most famous people from history were complete surprises? We are not talking about finding out that George Washington had a dark side (although that's pretty surprising, too). We really mean completely unexpected things that came out about these iconic figures. 

We all know that famous people from history were exceptional human beings. But did you know they could also be complete shockers? Here are just a few examples of famous people from history who completely surprised us with their unbelievable antics!

All of these things have a sinister side: celebrity, wealth, and talent. Throughout history, this has been the case. Even when luck is on our side, there are no guarantees. Read on for 30 stunning truths about historical personalities you thought you knew, ranging from tragic to odd to absolutely unexpected...

Keep reading to see what dark secrets we unearthed…you won't believe the American woman who was a British spy during world war 2…

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