The booking of both a host and a musical guest for Saturday Night Live is, on its surface, simply a necessity. Occasionally, however, the two choices can form a beautiful diptych, a contrast that both illustrates the divide and runs a strand between two wholly disparate cultures and worlds. Here are 13 of those.

Paul Giamatti/ Ludacris LUDACRIS WORDOR MOUF PARENTAL Audio of Paul Giamatti's sweet, sweet squawk introducing Ludacris (featuring Sum 41, no less) should be buried in a time capsule for the future to enjoy.

George Foreman/ Hole CRACKED.COM Boxer George Foreman and Courtney Love have very little in common, other than being highly familiar with shots to the head.

Steve Forbes/ Rage Against The Machine You have to think the writers had a hand in, or at least a laugh about, having Rage Against The Machine intro'd by... the machine.

Charles Barkley/ Nirvana TV GRACKED.COM Though to be honest, Barkley's experience fighting for rebounds would be right at home throwing elbows in a mosh pit.

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Alec Baldwin/ P.O.D. PAD. If Alec Baldwin heard his kids listening to P.O.D., he'd lock the CD in a tall cabinet. Congrats to P.O.D. for making Christian rock that even parents hate.

Sylvester Stallone/ Jamiroquai A collaboration between an actor famous for punching and a man wearing the kind of hats that demand an ass-whooping.

J.K. Simmons/ D'Angelo D'ANGELO PARENTAL ADVISORY I EXPLICIT CONTENT The level of desire women felt for D'Angelo during this era was matched only by J. Jonah Jameson's desire for pictures of Spider-Man.

Helen Mirren/ Foo Fighters CRACKED.COM Just imagine Helen Mirren nodding politely along, saying, Ah, I see. So the 'monkey wrench' is you, figuratively, in this situation.

Mel Gibson/ Living Colour Living Colour are famous African-American recording artists. Mel Gibson famously made a colorful recording about African-Americans.

Eli Manning/ Rihanna CRACKEDG .COM Rihanna looks like she climbed Mount Olympus and taught the gods how to fuck. Eli Manning looks like his Gatorade bottle is filled with paste.

Helen Hunt/ Snoop Dogg R88770846 CRACKED COM Keep in mind, this is Ain't No Fun If The Homies Can't Have None Snoop Dogg, not Muffins with Martha Stewart Snoop Dogg.

Tom Hanks/ Sade sade love deluxe CRACKED .COM For everyone wondering what it would sound like if Woody from Toy Story recorded the intro to a sex playlist.

AI Gore/ Phish CRACKED COM It sorta makes sense, since whenever you hear either, you think oh my god, when will this be over and then you find out they're only halfway done.
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