The world can be a weird, mad, and fascinating place. We establish rules, laws, expectations, and all manner of things in order to have a sense of control, order, and understanding of how everything works and is supposed to work. We have them in order to be a society, dammit! Then something strikes oddly and flops onto logic's lap as a chaotic mess that stains the casual khaki pants of reason.

Corporate employees of fast food chains are being asked to heat up the fryer and take orders themselves. The tourist board of Vienna's best social media platform is OnlyFans. Christchurch, New Zealand no longer has a wizard on its government payroll. Chaos reigns.

Those things sound way too odd to be true, but rest assured they did happen. Compare to some other nonsense, those events look downright normal by comparison. Read up for more details on these odd occurrences and other weird facts from around the otherwise orderly world.

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