14 Facts That Will Make People Love And Fear You

Would you go to the trippy Jim Henson nightclub?
14 Facts That Will Make People Love And Fear You

The gaming world in ‘85 was brutal; if you sent in your home made video game to publisher Firebird, the worst they could do isn’t “say no," it's “publish your work in a compilation of terrible games that they'd rather people steal than make any money from.” This and more stories below. 

Deep Sea Sponges live up to 18,000 years. CRACKED.CO COM Giant tube sponges can live past 2,000 years, in part due to the cells that make up their bodies. Unlike typical animal cells, the sponge cells can transform into whatever the sponge needs at the time. Deep sea glass sponges, which sway in deep waters atop 10 foot poles of silicone, can live up to 18,000 years.

Source: Eos

We found a planet that rains glass over 5 times the speed of sound. CRACKED.COM The deep blue color of HD 189773B, a gas giant exoplanet 64.5 light-years away, was observed in 2005. Scientists theorize the color comes from shards of glass that are whipping around the planet's surface at 4,349 mph.

Source: PBS 

There are indeed different types of hangovers from different drinks. CRACKED.COM The severity of your hangover is determined not only with how much you drink, but what you drink. This is caused by a byproduct of fermentation, congeners, and the greater concentration of them, the worse the effects. Dark liquors like brandy, red wine, and whiskey have higher concentrations than clear ones, like vodka.

Source: CNN 

The most liked post on Instagram is an image of an egg. CRACKED.com .COM The account tworldrecord_egg was created by advertising creative Chris Godfrey to raise awareness for mental health. The first post, a stock image of a brown egg on a plain white backdrop, raked in 55.5 million likes, more than doubling that of the second most liked post from Ariana Grande's wedding.

Source: CNN

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