13 Awesome Facts To Break Out To Break The Ice

Russell Crowe tried to improve Gladiator but, thankfully, they didn’t let him.
13 Awesome Facts To Break Out To Break The Ice

Films have the wonderful ability to transport us far away from our everyday troubles and the toils of our daily lives for at least an hour or two. Not only that, but movies can transport us to faraway lands, complete with wonderful characters and situations. 

Sure, "And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next," is the most famous line from Gladiator, but Russell Crowe thought it was trash and sought to do better. Turns out, he uh, couldn't.  Awkward.   

So strap in, sweet readers, for some absolutely wild, mind bending and jaw dropping facts that you will not see coming.  Lord knows we didn't.  We're still reeling. Amphibians and reptiles that shoot blood as self defense? Get out of here. And no, sorry Canada, you cannot have the colonel or his 11 delicious herbs and spices.

Here's the whole thing, plus 12 more:

One Halloween store, Spirit Halloween, spends most of the year scouting. They scout for locations, and spend months negotiating deals to rent those locations as retail spaces for a brief pre-Halloween period. CRACKED.COM

Source: Vox

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