13 Cool Facts To Bring To The Watercooler

13 Cool Facts To Bring To The Watercooler

In the best way possible, these random, cool and entertaining facts took us by surprise. They're tidbits of information from the branches of research, art, and pop culture that amuse and fascinate us and everyone else that we talk about them with. These fascinating facts are not just amusing tidbits–they can also help you nail trivia questions with ease: They're quite amazing, so once you keep reading, you'll like to keep going until you've fulfilled your curiosities.

You'll discover plenty of fresh knowledge here unless you're interested in strange facts that just don't seem true (but somehow are), strange trivia, physics trivia, wildlife trivia, animation trivia, film trivia, and/or literature trivia. We also have lots of cool facts and riddles for youngsters to keep them entertained throughout a dinner party or a lengthy car trip!

When Arnold Schwarzenegger first appeared on TV, they simply dubbed his unique Austrian accent to give him an unmistakably American voice. Here's the whole thing, plus 12 more:

Between 1949 and 1963, most British men had to serve in the National Service. are with you us IN NATIONAL SERVICE ? The requirement applied to able-bodied men between 18 and 30, and they served in either the Army, Navy, or Royal Air Force - it was basically peacetime conscription. CRACKED.COM

Source: nam.ac.uk

Nikolai Vavilov tried to avert hunger in the USSR, but got himself killed. The USSR tasked him with creating seeds resistant to drought, disease, and frost, but Stalin eventually denounced and imprisoned him (he died in prison). CRACKED.COM

Source: Kew.org

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