11 Comedians Who Got Big By Torching Famous Celebrities

Roast Larry the Cable Guy? Where do we sign up?
11 Comedians Who Got Big By Torching Famous Celebrities

Who doesn't enjoy seeing an obnoxious celebrity belittled? Nobody, to be precise. And the folks who have stood on stages and knocked down drunk accountant hecklers who thought it would be a good idea to interrupt a professional comedian's act and show how funny they were are often the greatest people for the job.

Professional comedians don't like that, and they're taught how to respond from an early age, and it's simple: kill you.

So it's fantastic that comedy has discovered a way to turn these comedians' sharp sense of knocking someone down a peg or two hundred into a joyful thing: the celebrity roast.

There have been few better methods for comedians in the 2000s to break through than by killing it at a celebrity roast. Here are 11 comedians who rose through the ranks of comedy by trashing celebrities.

And of course, bring a popcorn bucket with you because this is going to be the most interesting one.

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