Cracked VS: Roger Ebert Vs. Rotten Tomatoes

It’s the heavyweight film critic champion up against the movie-scoring behemoth. Choose your fighter!
Cracked VS: Roger Ebert Vs. Rotten Tomatoes

Welcome to Cracked VS, a new feature where we pit two topics against each other and let ‘em duke it out. Today’s topic: The Legacies and innovations of Roger Ebert Vs. Rotten Tomatoes

It’s another round of Cracked VS, and this time we have heavyweight film critic champion Roger Ebert going up against the ever-dominating film-scoring behemoth that is Rotten Tomatoes. Pick your fighter, let’s goooo!

CRACKED VS. Summary ROGER EBERT ROTTEN TOMATOES Rotten Tomatoes Inspiration: Mad Magazine Inspiration: Jackie Chan Innovation (Good): Brought Innovation (Good): Brought film critique to the masses, mainstream criticism to the supported inclusion. internet on a large scale. Innovation (Divisive): Innovation (Divisive): Early Oversimplifying rating release of oversimplified systems with thumbs up, scores before Box Office thumbs down and openings. four-star rating. CRACKED.COM
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