You’re Not the King of Dirk: 13 Massive Behind-the-Scenes Facts From Boogie Nights

Everyone has one special thing (but this list has 13 of them.)
You’re Not the King of Dirk: 13 Massive Behind-the-Scenes Facts From Boogie Nights

The 1997 classic Boogie Nights is known for its engaging and entertaining story and a behind the scenes look into one of the world’s most well known industries. But what many people don't know is that the film is very loosely based on real life.

Paul Thomas Anderson's entire filmography is a list of masterpieces or near masterpieces. Boogie Nights is no exception to that rule, and it is probably the film most people think of first when hearing his name (the other, of course, is There Will Be Blood. Maybe Magnolia. Or The Master. The man really can't miss is what we're saying). The film gave us Mark Wahlburg's breakout role, and featured many consistent collaborators for Anderson's future career, like Julianne Moore, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and John C. Reilly. In short, we just really like this film.

In 1977, sex was safe, pleasure was a business, and business was booming. Go behind the scenes with these 13 highly gratifying facts about Boogie Nights.

BEHIND-THE-SCENESFACTS Dirk Diggler was almost Leonardo DICAPRIO CRACKED.COM Boogie Nights was still a few months away from filming when Leonardo got cold feet about playing Diggler. Leo was never 100 percent committed to the movie, says Anderson. He dropped out to do Titanic.

Esquire, via Cigarettes and Red Vines

BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS Boogie Nights cast included actual ADULT STARS NOV EX ND GRACKED.COM I got called in because Paul had been a fan of mine when he was younger, says adult film star Nina Hartley, who played Little Bill's adulterous wife. I did cast Veronica Hart, says Anderson. She's not only a great person, she's the Meryl Streep of porn.

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