In 1977, sex was safe, pleasure was a business, and business was booming. Go behind the scenes with these 13 highly gratifying facts about Boogie Nights.

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BEHIND-THE-SCENESFACTS Dirk Diggler was almost Leonardo DICAPRIO CRACKED.COM Boogie Nights was still a few months away from filming when Leonardo got cold feet about playing Diggler. Leo was never 100 percent committed to the movie, says Anderson. He dropped out to do Titanic.

Esquire, via Cigarettes and Red Vines

BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS Boogie Nights cast included actual ADULT STARS NOV EX ND GRACKED.COM I got called in because Paul had been a fan of mine when he was younger, says adult film star Nina Hartley, who played Little Bill's adulterous wife. I did cast Veronica Hart, says Anderson. She's not only a great person, she's the Meryl Streep of porn.

Playboy via Cigarettes and Red Vines

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